Monday, 26 December 2011

24 Oct 2011 - Day 15 in Korea

After meeting Seon Young, I took the subway to Express Bus Terminal.     There's still time before meeting up Jihye at Sinchon for dinner, so I decided to check out Express Bus Terminal again.
Express Bus Terminal didn't look as intimidating as the first time I experienced it.  Probably it was a Monday..and that day was a Saturday evening when I first step in.

To my surprise, I saw Halmeoni Guksu!  I saw some good reviews on this shop but didn't manage to find it in Myeongdong.  Didn't expect to come across it on my second trip to Express Bus Terminal ^^ I will definitely be back in my next trip to try the noodles for myself! 날 기다려!

I suggested Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 but I wasn't sure where was nice for 삼겹살.   Jihye had no idea as well!  Hahaaa.... Sinchon has many outlets for 삼겹살, so I told her to meet me at Sinchon.  Wwoowww...I cannot imagine Jihye and I finally met up with each other after 6 years!   We were happy to see each other again. the way, this lady in the picture was not Jihye ㅎㅎㅎ   We were not sure which place was good for 삼겹살, so we just popped in to this place. 

We went up to the second level. 

I decided to give Soju a second chance...but I still couldn't accept Dongdongju 동동주 is still the best ㅋㅋㅋ

Jihye was the one doing all the turning and cutting of the pork belly!   I wasn't used to it sorry to make her do all the work  ㅋㅋㅋ
I noticed there was only those veggie in salad forms and asked Jihye why aren't there any veggie to do the wrap.  She realised this place was not authentic enough for me to experience the original 삼겹살.  Hahahaaa...We agreed that the 삼겹살 was nice but Jihye was not satisfied that I did not get to try the authentic 삼겹살 and told me we will hop on to another place after we finished with what we had ordered.

I couldn't resist jjigae...and I couldn't resist having rice with my jjigae..I finished all my rice...Jihye was very worried that I can't eat anymore at the next place.  She kept reminding me that we will be going to another place to eat 삼겹살.  Hahahaa....That didn't cross my mind because I knew my greedy stomach can take it! 

This was the second place that we went to.  Jihye asked the waiter whether they have veggie to wrap 삼겹살 before we took our seats.  The waiter looked at Jihye with a big question mark on his face. what Jae said, because nobody(Koreans) will ask this question! ㅎㅎㅎ

We were busy catching up with each other....Yeah...girls talk...and some of the meat was charred...

My stomach seemed to be bottomless...Jihye seemed to be on diet because I was the one who was doing most of the eating!    She told me to eat more because she can always eat this.  

Gyeran Jjim 계란찜!
I was eyeing at the Gyeran Jjim 계란찜 on the next table.  Jihye said it was popular in Japan as well.  She asked me if I wanted to try.  Of course and I love it! 
Hmmm...I really want to learn from a Korean who can cook fluffy Gyeran Jjim 계란찜!   When I came back to Singapore, I searched the online recipes for Gyeran Jjim 계란찜 but none was fluffy like this.   I couldn't understand how it can remain fluffy like this.  Was it because of the egg beating process?  Sometimes the easiest recipe can be the most difficult..

Catching up with Jihye was nice...omgg...she nagged at me so many times...but what she said to me was very wise.   I also hope I can do it.  Can I?   I need a lot of courage and confident...both are not my characters....Hur hur....

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