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23 Oct 2011 - Day 14 in Korea

Facing the main road, I turned right walking along with the flow of traffic...

Oh!  Finally I saw a shop selling mandu.  As soon as I turn right, I saw this shop.  I am not sure whether it was popular but Korean mandu was one of the food that I felt I must try.  Yeahhh...not much space left in my stomach though....
There were two flavours of mandu.  I bought the Kimchi Mandu because I wasn't sure what's the other flavour but the fillings was black..just in case it was beef so its Kimchi mandu for me ^^

I took out my camera and 아저씨 suddenly closed up the lid for that steamer we saw in the previous picture.   I thought he did not want me to take any pictures.   The very next second, he opened up the lid of the other steamer.  Wowwww....
I understood 아저씨 good intention.  Although he wasn't able to express himself in English but he was so kind!  This steamer had more mandu.   아저씨 wanted my picture to look better with a steamer full of mandu.  Thank you so so much 아저씨.  아저씨가 아주 친절했다.   정말 감사합니다  ^^

I think they were cute 아저씨 because they didn't know where to look or what to do when I was taking a picture of the shop.  

All ready to eat!

Niceeee!   It has a strong pepper taste but that's very ok for me.  Not spicy.   Although it looked like our bao 包 but the texture of the skin felt a bit more chewy.   Whereas, the skin of 包 is more like the texture of a bread, soft and fluffy. 

I reached Gate 6 after walking down along the main road for a min

Wowww...this looked like a food street to me!   Although I have maps stating the different streets of Nandaemun but I did not look at my maps in details.  So every  'discovery' was a surprise to me  ㅋㅋㅋ 
I had actually wanted to proceed to Sinchon for shopping time but I was glad that I stumbled upon this street before I left.  It should be my favourite street in Nandaemun ㅎㅎㅎ
A contradicting thought immediately came to my mind...."Omgg!! I have no more space left in my stomach!!!!"  Why didn't I come here first.....argghhhh....

The street was right outside exit 5.  Anyone who is feeling hungry should come here to fill up your stomach first!

The green color slices were common...I saw this fruit since day 1 of my trip.  I was wondering what was it.... was actually the fruit that I always eat in Singapore....Honeydew...silly me...why couldn't I identify it???    Similar sweetness....felt so silly......

I felt the food was calling out to me!  No offence but just a thought that crossed my mind...will the raw meat gets contaminated when under the hot weather....?

I think it will feel different to eat here at night

The vendors were selling almost similar food.  Just select whichever stall you feel most comfortable with ^^

Hotteok 호떡 time!

3 types of languages on their sign board.  Two types of fillings for the Hotteok 호떡.
Its not a very long street but enough to make you hungry!   Actually, I wanted to check out the Kalguksu Alley, which is further down the street but Sinchon was calling out for me....Hahahaaa..I will keep Kalguksu Alley for my next visit ^^ 

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