Wednesday, 7 December 2011

21 Oct 2011 - Day 12 in Korea

I took subway to Jongno 3(sam) ga Station and came out from exit 5. It was before 6.30pm when I reached but the sky was so dark... You will see NakWon Instrument store,낙원상가. According to my guide, the instruction was to turn right into 낙원상가 and I will see 툇마루...However, it wasn't that simple for me...I couldn't find 툇마루 at all when I turned right.  I walked around the place several times but I still couldn't locate 툇마루....

Obviously I was lost....everywhere looked almost the same to me...
I walked and walked until I came to a row of Pojangmachas.  Was this the famous Jongno Pojangmachas street?   

I wanted to try out Pojangmachas very much but my heart was set on Tweet Maru 툇마루. I must find Tweet Maru 툇마루! It was one of the top most wanted places that I wanted to go!

I decided to walk back to Jongno 3(sam) station, exit 5 and start my search once again.  I walked towards to NakWon Instrument store, 낙원상가.  Beneath the building was road and traffic.  I felt I was underneath some kind of tunnel.. I walked straight and crossed a junction.  At this point of time, I was still beneath the building.  When I reached the end of the building, I saw many tents for Saju and Tarot card reading along the road on my left hand side.  Good!  I went over to check it out and I saw a young chap.   I asked him, "Do you speak English?"  He replied, "A little".  That's good enough for me.  I think he was not bad in interpreting my cards.  He may not be 100% accurate but I liked the way he explained things.
I asked him, "Did you learnt from the internet or books?   He said," Oh ya, Internet and some sixth sense."   Well, I never knew how to interpret the cards but I think we can't use techniques to interpret...its too rigid and technical...Anyway, it was only KRW5000.  Its fun though ㅋㅋㅋ   After I was done with my reading, I asked him how to get to Tweet Maru 툇마루.  He knew the place! It showed that Tweet Maru 툇마루 is popular ^^
He told me to walk a few more mins straight down and it will be on my right.  I walked into the small lane.   Saw the signage bearing the red logo right at the middle top of this picture?   You may not be able to see the words below the red logo but it was, "툇마루"!!

Almost reaching!

Proceed to the second floor

The place was packed. 

Happiness!!   Ever since I came to know about this place from the Internet, I knew I must come!   Just add the veggie and stew into the rice, mix and eat it.  Very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  I almost requested for a second bowl of rice!!  I will be back for sure  ^^   The service was very good.  There was a guy in this shop and he seems like more than a worker.  Anyway, he realised that I was a foreigner when I spoke English. 
I think they only served I told him I will have the same as what others were eating. 

That guy was very nice.  Knowing that I was a foreigner, he told me to try adding this oil into my rice after I mixed in the stew and veggie. tasted very good!  I called this the "Magic oil"!    I think this is sesame oil because it smells like sesame oil to me  ^^

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