Sunday, 11 December 2011

22 Oct 2011 - Day 13 in Korea

I took the subway to Express Bus Terminal station and reached here about 3.30pm.  This was what I saw after I came out from exit 5.  Walk straight from here to Seorae French Village...

I liked this path for its changing foliage ^^   

I was also surprised there's wi fi here because I was able to receive Seon Young's  message  ^^

I wonder how this place will look like during cold wonder...Will it be covered with snow?

Taking my time to admire the place  ^^

I think this should be private housing.   Located just beside the simple path.

I saw this at the end of the path.  Turned left instead of walking straight.

Housing is in me....hahahaa...*job hazard

I noticed the designs for these few blocks looked a bit different from each other but the color theme is there.

Ok, back to my journey to Seorae French Village.  I turned left and crossed this bridge.

Next, I crossed the overhead bridge.  I was very pleased with the clear instructions given on the bridge. 

From this junction of the overhead bridge, I took the left stairways down.

...which led me to this junction.  I turned right instead of crossing the road as directed by the signboard...

Having turned right, I walked straight...

I decided to buy a drink from Zoo Coffee and asked for some directions to the French Village...

안녕 Mr Tiger!  Give me your cutest roar ^^

I got Mr Tiger to guard my Iced Persimmon, 아이스 홍시 ㅋㅋㅋ   Omg...this drink was thirst quenching and superb!   I felt like I was in heaven ㅎㅎㅎ
I didn't know there were two types of persimmons, until recently I read an article from Korean Blog.  I guessed the ones that I am eating my heart out in Singapore right now should be the sweet persimmon, 단감.

I asked the young service crews for the directions to the French Village.  They have no idea at all..When my iced persimmon was ready for collection, I saw this slip of paper beside my drink.  I was puzzled but I didn't asked the crews what was this as they didn't seemed to be waiting for me to ask anything.  I mean they looked innocent and ignorant of this paper! Hahaha.... Maybe they were trying to tell me something but its ok 괜찮아요 .  I went to the next door shop and asked the young sales assistant but she also had no idea where Seorae French village was.  Hmm....I began to wonder if Seorae French Village was an official should be.

I walked to the Express Bus Station to check out the place, just in case I may want to travel by express bus to other town in my next trip.   It was a saturday and the entire place was packed with people.  Ahhh......the atmosphere made me felt imtimidated because there were so many people....*giddy

I walked around the underground shopping arcade at Express Bus Terminal and bought books from Young Poong Bookstore (영풍문고) at Central City.  I was surprised to see "Halmeoni Guksu" because I heard its well known but couldn't find it in Myeongdong..I will definitely be back to check out Halmeoni Guksu in my next trip!
I left Central city before 6.20pm for exit 5, where I was supposed to meet Jae.   The Express Bus Terminal station was huge and I couldn't find exit 5...didn't realise that I was in the wrong place, and was walking around between line 3 and 9 in the station, trying to locate exit 5 but there wasn't any exit 5.....I was near the exits of line 9 and I asked a young Korean office worker, who also has no idea where was exit 5...
Suddenly, it struck me that I need to get back to the line 7, exit 5 because there were three lines serving the Express Bus Terminal as a interchange(I think).  As such, each line has its own exit..
We were supposed to meet at 6.30pm but I was 5-10mins late....I felt very apologetic to keep Jae hokkien, terribly "paiseh"....

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