Saturday, 31 December 2011

Looking back .....

Time flies.  Today is the last day of 2011.   Every year at this point of time, I will ask myself what did I achieve for the year.  Did I allow my time to pass by just like that?   Did I achieve what I wanted to do?

Making new year resolution can be bullshit to some people...I knew what you mean but I started making new year resolution few years far none of them was fulfilled except for 2011.   2011 has been a very self-fulfilling year for me because I realized my resolution for 2011.  My new year resolution for 2011 was to travel to Korea on my own.   From preparation to the actual trip, I learnt and understand more about my favourite country, Korea.  This trip has also made me recognised and confirmed my own feelings.   

I realised making new year solution is not just about saying it and hoping that it will happen.  You got to work hard for it.  If your new year solution has yet to come true, its probably because you haven't work hard on it. 

What's my new year resolution for 2012??   I am not going to announce here but needless to say, it has got to do with my beloved Korea ^^   
*Hint - Its a different resolution from 2011 and its a big resolution ㅋㅋㅋ 

World peace sounds old fashion but I wish for world peace and harmony.  May human beings get more conscious of saving our mother earth.  May there be no or less disasters.  May everyone enjoy a good year ahead. 

People tends to forget to appreciate and cherish life during happy times.  In good and happy times, do remember to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate...
If you feel that life has been unkind to you, take a deep breathe...Think of the good things that have happened.   Ups and down in life is all depends on how you see things and overcome the challenges.  Easier said then done but its your choice.  You got a choice to be happy and contented; you got a choice to feel unfair and miserable.  Its up to you. 

새해 복 많이 받으세요 
Happy New Year ^^


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