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22 Oct 2011 - Day 13 in Korea

Looks super duper tempting right??  Hahahaa...How I wish I have a wide-angle lens camera to capture all the dishes placed on this table!! 
A big thanks to Jae,  who brought me to this restaurant so that I can experience a traditional Korean meal.  Was it called Hanjeongsik?   My first impression of this restaurant was the way they served all the dishes at one time.  I don't know how to describe here but I thought it was a brilliant method. 
Were there a total of 26 dishes??  Well, I couldn't remember exactly how many dishes were there but I think Jae told me it consisted of more than 20 side dishes.   Woww!  That's why he reminded me a few times not to have heavy lunch ㅎㅎㅎ 
(Jae:   If you are reading this, its extremely difficult not to have a heavy lunch or eat more in Korea!!!  왜??  Cos there's simply too many many yummy food in Korea!)

Ganjang gejang 간장게장 (crab marinated in soy sauce) was Jae's favourite.  Hahahaa I believed it should be a favourite among many Koreans as well, but I couldn't bear to bring myself to eat it when I think of how they were....hmmmm.......정말 미안 해요......I watched a travel documentary show before I went to Korea and they showed the making of Ganjang gejang 간장게장...

It was stated in Cnngo that 간장게장 was called a "rice thief” because its so addictive to eat with rice.  No wonder Jae said he could polished off two bowls of rice with only 간장게장.  Was it two bowls of rice??  Anyway, its more than one more of rice! Hahaaa..

Oh!  I learnt something new from wikipedia.  A meal emphasizing ganjang gejang is called 게장백반 Gejang baekgan, consisting of a plate ganjang gejang, various plates of banchan, and a bowl of cooked rice.

Jae showed me how Koreans would scoop up their rice into a bowl and pour hot water into the black clay pot.    Do I call this pot 뚝배기  TtukBaeGi  as well?   Afer scooping up the rice, cover it and let the thin rice crust be soaked in the water, to form an aftermeal rice tea.   In Singapore, we will pour soup into our claypot rice instead of water.  After reading up wikipedia, I think in the Korea culture, this method served more like a healthy drink to aid digestion (Please pardon and correct me if I had interpret wrongly).  Whereas in Singapore, we tend to eat even more by adding soup!  I hope I can bring Jae to try out the Singapore style if he has the chance to fly over one day ^^

Did you notice that I didn't state the directions to this restaurant?   Ya...I was too busy catching up with Jae, and forgotten to take more pictures and direction to this  restaurant.   Jae told me the restaurant was called 산들해 and they have branches in Korea.    I only managed to get the restaurant's logo as shown below...

After dinner, we rushed to Banpo Bridge which was less than 10 mins walk.  We made it just before the fountain starts.  There were many people by the time we got there.  Everyone was waiting for the beautiful fountain  ^^

I think each fountain runs for 20 mins.  There were songs accompanying the rainbow fountain.  I can tell you it was a very very beautiful night for me!    This was one of the highlights for my trip...I would say a wish that had been fulfilled  ^^   Once again, I have to thank Jae for bringing me here.  Anyone in Seoul should make a trip to watch this beautiful fountain but I think it will be closed during winter.   I will come here again if I have the chance  ^^

Jae suggested I took a bus back to my hotel at Myeongdong. Was it bus 406?? Can't really remember but the bus stop was about 5-10 mins walk from the bridge. It was a vey wise advice to take bus instead of subway because the bus journey took less than 20 mins and there's no need for me to change bus.  I alighted at Lotte Young Plaza which was about 5-10 mins walk to my hotel.

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