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22 Oct 2011 - Day 13 in Korea

I took subway to Sinsa subway station and came out from exit 8.  Today I wanted to check out a fusion Chinese restuarant called Kuai 19, where it was located on the main street of Garosu-gil.  From exit 8, walked straight for a few mins and you will see this signboard as shown above.  Turn left as shown.

Upon turning left, I saw this small junction and cross to get to the diagonal side of the road.   Just before I crossed the road, a Korean lady came up to me for direction....I  apologise to her that I can't help her....

I walked up the mild slope

......and saw this...I was on the right track for a start but I got lost from here...I spent quite some time walking around trying to identify the places which I saw, against those reflected on my map...It wasn't helpful at all...My guess was the shops changed very fast just like those in Myeongdong..

The signboard caught my attention...and I dun like it.....

oink oink ^^  Almost thought they were real pigglets ㅋㅋㅋ
Isn't she cute!!! 

Her mother was calling her but she was very reluctant to leave ㅋㅋㅋ

At last, I found it!  Kuai 19  ^^

The shop was not directly located at the signboard that we saw just now...Walk straight a few more steps and you will see another signboard to direct you.

Yup.  Walk a few more steps and you will see this shop.  Kuai 19 is above this shop.   Walk into this shop and take the staircase to get to Kuai 19.
First encounter of the restuarant

Jae reminded me not to have a heavy lunch., so this was just nice for me  ^^  Eating jjajangmyeon 자장면 with wooden chopsticks is really much easier than eating it with the flat metal chopsticks   ㅋㅋㅋ    I learnt that this place was opened by a Korean singer's mother, and heard good online reviews about the food here.  However, my overall experience was not good at all.   I probably would not come here again.   Since I am also working in the service industry, I have learnt to be tolerant towards bad service.   I wouldn't hesitate to give compliments if I find the service was good.   I will give feedback if the service was really really really terrible,  otherwise I will just bear with it....The place and food was nice.  Service by the waiters and waitresses was quite ok too.   However, there was this middle age plump lady behind the cashier who pulled a super long long face at me and her atittude was really bad.....When I asked her how much, she sounded impatient and even let out a sigh!
Too bad for me....I couldn't catch what she was saying and asked her again. She raised her voice which sounded even more impatient than the first time. She didn't attempt to make any eye contact but looked at her screen all this while.....not to mention about smile....I don't expect her to smile at all. The only reason I can think of why she showed me that stupid attitude was because I did not ask for permission to take pictures...other than that, I really couldn't think of any reasons.   I don't think it was because I ordered only one 자장면, right...  I would have apologise if I was being rude to take pictures without seeking permission.    Anyway, no more Kuai 19 for me...

Specially dedicated for big Elmo fan, Emily ^^

There were too many cafes that I wanted to try out but I can't...I will be full by dinner time!   I walked over Bloom & Goute for a cup of tea.   The young lady who attended to me was nice and warm.  She showed me how to get to Apujeong in her limited amount of English but I really appreciated her kindness...What a contrast of service experience within 30 mins....

I liked the setting here...Lots of flowers!  I felt I was in a small garden ㅎㅎㅎ

This cafe across the road looked normal but it attracted my attention!  Why??

Their sign board attracted me!  Cork for Turtle; Mug for Rabbit!  Unusual.
I liked Garosugil a lot.  Things may not be cheap here but I feel the ambiance  ^^ 

As I reached the main road, I saw a few shops like this..  Was this a tailor shop for  school uniform?  Kim and I agreed that Korean school uniform is so cute and pretty...unlike ours...
Oh!  We have Fika in Singapore too!  Are they the same???  Fika in Singapore was located somewhere in Arab street.

Oh!  I am really ignorant but this was my first time to see blue lines on the road.  We didn't have blue lines in Singapore.  What does the blue lines mean?   Was that meant for the bus lanes?  In Singapore, we have yellow or yellow and red for bus lanes depending on the area. 

I checked out the Internet and was partially correct... With reference to Guide to safe driving in Koreathe bus lane (in cities) has been established to limit traffic. It is marked by a blue line and it designates a lane to be used only by scheduled buses during rush hours.  Supplemental signs normally show the time when no vehicles other than buses will travel in the lane. At intersections, the bus lane will have a broken or dash lines, vehicles other than buses may enter this bus lane to make a right turn or to immediately exit the main street. 
Is this still valid because the information was uploaded in 2007.

Surgeons that brings hope to people.............................................

Actually, I don't understand the hangul characters on this building but the Chinese words explained them all ^^

I followed my map and walked to Apujeong station.   From Apujeong station, I continued walking towards the direction of Galleria department store for SM Building as the building was near Galleria department store.  SM Building is a place where there's a possibilities of encountering some SM artists.  

I think the low rise yellow colour building was SM Building.  Do you think I saw any SM artist???  Hahahaa Of course not!  I only passed by the building to see how the place looked intention to loiter around the compound and wait for artists to appear....I am too old for all that  ㅋㅋㅋ   I thought of checking out EVERYSING at Apujeong's outlet but damn....I totally forgot all about it  ㅠㅠ

 A closer look...This should be the SM Building right?  Yup I did not cross over the road to explore the building compound..

Saw this as I continued walking straight towards the direction of Cheongdam subway station.

Many passerby and those waiting at the bus stop were looking at these two guys.   They were swinging from right to left, and left to right but they didn't seemed to be wearing any safety belts...Please take care, 아저씨.

   There were so many plastic sugery in this area!

All I did was to walk and walk straight down...

 ....Until I saw this hospital...

 Wooridul Spine Hospital amazing...they even have a hospital that specialised in spine.
I would have thought this hospital as a normal hospital if I did not take a close up picture of the hospital.  The subway station was not far from here.  Next stop was Seorae French Village...but I really wondered did I ever reach the place!  You shall see why in my next post but I think I will take a nap first for now  ^^

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