Wednesday, 2 April 2014

19 Mar 2014 - Early lunch at 신전시장 Sinjeong Sang-ga Market(Ulsan)

I decided to settle for this place. 

냠냠 ^^
My 돼지국밥!!
I decided to eat 돼지국밥 becos I think I might not have the chance to eat this in Busan
My favourite way to eat rice and soup!
I saw an elderly man sitting at the next table eating his 돼지국밥 in this manner as well.
Is this eating habit more popular among the elderly???
This bowl of pork rice soup was sooooo soooo tasty but no pork smell at all.
This was the best 
돼지국밥 that I have ever ate.
i think I paid KRW6000 for this meal.

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