Sunday, 20 April 2014

20 Mar 2014 - I want to come back.

I walked to the bus stop for my bus back to Tongyeong Bus Terminal. There is no need to cross the road this time. The bus directory was displayed way above eye level! It was hard to read it but it looks like the hundred series shared almost the same route.  Please do not fault me for this comment.  I did not have time to analyse it hahahaa 
Generally, I think it is not difficult to take bus in Tongyeong. The bus routes seems rather straight forward. Anyway, I was looking hard at the bus route of bus no. 100 when bus no. 141 arrived. I was not looking at the bus but the bus driver called out to me, "어디가?" Means "Where are you going?"  Ermmm....was he talking to me??  I think so. I must have looked like a lost tourist!!! LOL I replied, "Tongyeong Bus Terminal". Hence, I got on bus no.141 at 5.59pm. Somehow, I felt I sort of know this bus driver.  
Can't remember what time I reach Tongyeong Bus Terminal but I got off at the bus stop opposite the bus terminal. The bus driver called out to me just before we reached the stop. I think he said something, "Singapore?" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! No wonder I felt he was so familiar!!! He was BUS DRIVER A!!! Remember the kind bus driver I mentioned?? I walked up to the driver seat, trying to find the correct word to say. I don't know how to say, I just said, "아까??"  He smiled and nodded his head. We had another "Chicken & Duck" conversation before I got off the bus. I am so grateful to this uncle. I wish I can tell him I am very grateful to him for being so kind to me. I wish him good health, safe journeys and happiness always. 당신아저씨에 너무 감사. 정말 감사합니다.  Kind people and beautiful place. Yes, I will be back. 
Bought my bus ticket back to Busan.
No time stated but the counter staff told me it will leave at 6.25pm.
This was my bus. It left at 6.24pm instead. I reached Seobu Bus Terminal at 7.45pm. I did not went back to the hotel straight away but walked over to Renicite for some shopping. It started raining heavily as I walked to Renicite. It took me about 10mins walk from Sasang station, exit 3 to Renicite. Renicite is a very big shopping complex, something like Migliore but bigger. Took the Airport Light Rail Transit from Gwaebeop Renecite station back to Sasang Station for my return trip. Gwaebeop Renecite Station is just outside Renicite and only one stop away from Sasang Station.

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