Saturday, 19 April 2014

20 Mar 2014 - 너무 배 불러요!!

대풍관 is located opposite the turtle ships.
Ermm...You can't see the turtle ships in this map though..
Online info says that 대풍관 is popular for its fresh oyster.
However, I did not come here for its oyster becos I was never a fan of oyster.
I came here becos many people came here 
There were many other popular restaurants in the area as well.
I was the only customer when I reached here about 5.05pm.
The place was packed when I left around 5.45pm.
I already decided what I wanted to eat before I came here ^^
해물 된장 Seafood Doenjang, 멍게비빔밥 Squirt bibimbap and 굴탕수육 Sweet sour oyster were on my list!  Well, due to "unforseen circumstances" of overeating, I decided to forgo 해물 된장 Seafood Doenjang and 굴탕수육 Sweet sour oyster...
I ordered 멍게비빔밥 Squirt bibimbap. As the waitress started laying the table, I got worried. She started off with the portable stove (Which puzzled me) and the side dishes. Next, she came in with a plate of fresh oyster which is shown on the bottom right in this picture. Thereafter, she came in with a pot of soup and placed it on the portable stove! I asked her, "멍게비빔밥?". She replied that the pot of soup and fresh oyster were service. I thanked her but at the same time, I was very worried that I could not finish the food. "Service" came at the wrong time cos I was not hungry at all. The pot of soup happens to be 해물 된장 Seafood Doenjang! It was what I intially planned to have but decided to give up since I was still feeling full from my honey bread.
멍게비빔밥 Squirt bibimbap ^^
This was so delicious!!
Mix and eat ^^
Soooo niceeee!!
I don't really like to eat oyster but this plate of oyster was fresh and the sauce was quite tasty.
Ahhh...this 해물 된장 Seafood Doenjang was so niceee!!
I could not finish the fresh oyster and some of the banchan becos I was super duper full.

So so full that I felt I have eaten food that can last me for the next three days!!
Felt apologetic that I could not finish the oyster...
Anyway, total bill was only KRW10000!!
Thanks to the great SERVICE ^^
Feeling sad becos it was time for me to make my way to the bus terminal.
Tongyeong is a very beautiful place.
I know I will come back again.
I hope I can stay at least one night on my next visit to see the night view of beautiful Tongyeong ^^

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