Friday, 25 April 2014

21 Mar 2014 - 지원's apartment in Hongdae

My accommodation in Seoul for this trip was booked thro BnbHero. I took the Arex and reached Hongik University Station at about 12.45pm. The nearest exit to my accommodation should be  exit 1. My host, Jiwon told me there is no elevator at exit 1 and suggested that I can take the elevator at exit 8. Check-in time was supposed to be 2pm but I requested Jiwon to let me check-in earlier where possible. She had guests checking out that day but she managed to clean up the place by 12pm and allowed me to check-in earlier. 감사합니다 언니 ^^ 
I walked over to exit 1 to meet Jiwon. It was about 7 mins walk from exit 1 to Jiwon's apartment, and about 5 mins from Jiwon's place to the main shopping street of Hongdae.
Jiwon will let you know the pin number to access into the building.
AP Seoul Guesthouse is on the 3rd and 4th floor.
Jiwon's apartment is on the fifth floor. Rather quiet. I wonder who are my neighbours. I did not see anyone of them during my stay. The apartment is installed with double door electronic locks with pin entry, where you can have your own pin number. Ermmm...Jiwon will know your pin number cos you have to tell her your preferred pin number so that she can change it for you. Frankly speaking, I felt a bit uneasy that somebody else knew my pin number even though she was my host.
This is Jiwon's apartment. It was love at first sight with Jiwon's apartment when I browsed through the list of studio apartments in BnB Hero website. I like this apartment becos it looks cosy and very accessible.  She briefed me on things that I ought to know before leaving me on my own. 
Jiwon added a sofa in her apartment, whereas there wasn't any sofa shown in the website.
Actually, I would prefer no sofa lol 

Only one small cabinet to hang clothings.
It will be enough for a short stay.
I like her well equipped kitchen ^^
Hmmm...when was the last time I use the washing machine?
you will know if you have followed my blog since last time.
I love my mummy!!

I get excited when I see all these!
Ehhhh....I sound like an 아줌마 huh??
Nah...I don't intend to cook during this short trip

Probably in my upcoming trip ^^
Yes Yes. I have confirmed my upcoming trip. 
Everything is booked except for my air ticket.

Detergents to wash your clothing.
Only one spoon and one pair of chopsticks ㅋㅋㅋ

Oh! Even umbrellas are provided!

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