Tuesday, 1 April 2014

19 Mar 2014 - Taking airport bus from Gimhae Airport to Ulsan

I reached Gimhae Airport at 8.20am.
The airport bus ticket counter is located outside the arrival hall. 
Yup. This is the place.
You can buy your ticket and wait for your bus inside.

Just in case, this is useful to anyone out there....

This is the timetable for bus from Gimhae Airport to Ulsan.
The next bus will arrive at 8.30am.
Great!  I still have about 7 mins to go.
The counter staff told me to wait at P24.
Bus ticket to Ulsan.
No time stated on the ticket.
Just catch the next available bus.
I waited until 8.53am and still no sight of my bus ㅠㅠ  Impossible!! I went back to the ticket counter to ask the lady. She said I missed the bus. I was puzzled becos I was standing at P24 all the while. There is no way that the bus did not come, so I think I really missed the bus. How did I missed it??  I have no idea. Hence, I waited for the next available bus which was supposed to arrive at 9am. It arrived at 8.58am and left at 9.01am.
In three week's time, you will be very beautiful...
Reached Ulsan.
This was the first stop made at 9.42am.
A minute later, I saw Ulsan Station from far..
I did thought of taking KTX from Busan to Ulsan but the station is far from 대왕암공원 Daewangam Park. KTO told me a bus ride from Ulsan Station to the park will take about 1 hour 40 mins and I have to transfer to another bus along the way. My initial plan was to visit 간절곶등대 Ganjeolgot Gape. KTO told me it will take about 2 hours 20 mins from Ulsan station to Ganjeolgot Gape by bus, and need to transfer to another bus as well.
Greedy me had actually wanted to check out both Daewangam Park and Ganjeolgot Gape but KTO said it takes about 1 hour 30 mins by taxi to travel between the two places. It will cost about KRW40000~50000 by taxi for a single trip. I am more concern whether I can return to Busan before it gets too late, cos I tend to lost my sense of directions when night falls. In the end, I decided to give up my plan going to Ganjeolgot Gape. It was really a tough decision to choose between Daewangam Park and Ganjeolgot Gape :(
And it reached 신복로터리 Sinbok Rotary at 9.52am.
The bus driver called out the name of this stop but nobody alight.
This was where everyone got off the bus. I reached here 10.01am. The bus ride took about an hour. That was fast! Is this 태화 로타리Taehwa Rotary? The park behind this place was quite nice.

I saw Hotel Taehwa across the road.
Here's a bus stop along the main road.
 It was facing Hotel Taehwa. 
These ticket counters were beside the bus stop.
So do I buy the return bus ticket here??
I suppose so but I did not come back to buy my return ticket... 
Why?  Becos I forgot hahahahaa

If this is useful to anyone out there...

Timetable for bus departing from Ulsan (태화 로타리Taehwa Rotary) and Gimhae Airport.
I think the two columns shown under Gimhae Airport departure timing is becos one is from International terminal and the other from Domestic terminal (I think so).  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, I took a taxi from here to 신전시장 Sinjeong Sang-ga Market at 10.08am. 


  1. Coincidentally I had planned to go Ulsan from Busan to Ganjeolgot Cape this Oct and upon reading your blog I thought of adding in Daewangam Park too. Am tuning in to your blog to see if it's possible! =D

    1. Hi Angelina ^^ Thanks for your msg! Sadly I have to give up on my plan to Ganjeolgot Gape ㅠㅠ