Tuesday, 8 April 2014

20 Mar 2014 - 통영 Here I come!!!

The itinerary for the day was a day trip to 통영.
So looking forward to this trip and the day has finally arrived!
It was drizzling that morning but it did not dampen my mood ^^

I have to take a bus from Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal to 통영 Tongyeong. The bus terminal was only 5 mins from my hotel ^^  I reached the bus terminal at 6.30am.

The bus ticket cost KRW10900 and to take the bus at bay no.13.
I asked the staff when is the next bus leaving for Tongyeong as 
there was no time indicated on the ticket.
She wrote "6.40am" and "7.10am"
Obviously, I will make a dash for the bus departing at 6.40am.
It was about 6.36am but there was no bus at bay no. 13. However, I saw a bus with the word "통영" on the windscreen, parking at bay no. 12. I waited. 10 mins went by and the bus is still here. I showed my bus ticket to the bus driver and he told me this was not the bus. He told me to wait at bay no. 13. Not long later, he drove off. Huh??? What's going on??
What's the difference between "Local" and "Direct" ??
This bus drove into bay no.13 at 6.47am and displayed the next departure time as 7.10am. Although I don't really understand why I could not get on that bus but this was the correct bus. I still have about 20mins before the bus leave. Therefore, I decided to get my breakfast from the convenience store in the bus terminal. 
My breakfast ^^
I supposed my sausage muffin is catagorised at hamburger??
So that will be 20-30 seconds??
It tasted like the muffin from Dunkin' Donuts ^^

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