Sunday, 20 April 2014

옴 마니 파드메 훔 옴 마니 반메 훔

It is really heartwarming to see so many Koreans(including companies, fishermen, commoners etc) coming forward together to chip in whatever they can towards the ferry disaster. It is not just the families and friends of those involved in the tragedy who are grieving but almost the entire nation is in sorrowYou are not alone. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. 옴 마니 파드메 훔  옴 마니 반메 훔 
Media has a huge influence, big responsibility and should display professional ethics when reporting news. Personally, I hope they can focus more on this area rather than focusing on the captain. No doubt he has done wrong but the whole system bears a BIG responsibility as well. 
May love & light shine upon all who are affected in the ferry disaster. May the family members and friends of those on board, and all who have been rescued find the strength and guidance to move on. May all who have passed on to rest in peace. May the rescue teams be safe and complete their missions successfully. Your lives are just as precious. Let's pray for a miracle. 옴 마니 파드메 훔 옴 마니 반메 훔

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