Sunday, 13 April 2014

20 Mar 2014 - Getting to 통영유람선터미널 Tongyeong Excursion Ship Terminal

I reached Tongyeong Bus Terminal at 8.40am. Remember the guy at 9월 hotel? He helped me to call and asked about the ferry timetable for 장자도. Yes! Yes! *Wink
The first ferry will be leaving at 10am. I wanted to get to Tongyeong Excursion Ship Terminal 통영유람선터미널 as early as possible becos I was told that ferry tickets could sometimes be fully booked. Actually, I can take bus no. 101 to Tongyeong Excursion Ship Terminal but on second thought, I better take a taxi.  It was also drizzling in Tongyeong. I hoped the ferry will still operate as usual...
Again...if this is useful for anyone out there...

Lots of taxi outside the terminal.
 I took a bus back for my return trip and the bus stop is opposite the bus terminal.
A Tourist Information Centre outside the bus terminal.
Well, it was not even 9am so its still closed when I was there. 
My original plan was to check out 동비랑벽화마을 Dongpirang Wall Painting Village, 해저터널- 경남 통영 Undersea Tunnel and 미륵산 Mireuksan. 장도 was sort of a last minute decision. A big thanks to KTO(Korea) for this map becos I asked them how to get to 통영유람선터미널 Tongyeong Excursion Ship Terminal from Dongpirang Village. I thought of buying 꿀빵 Ggul Bbang and 충무김밥 Chungmu Gimbap from the popular shops in the area around the port before going to the ship terminal. I decided to give up the idea of going to Dongpirang Village first and proceed straight to the ship terminal instead. If I did not remember wrongly, the bus stop from 중앙시장 Jung-Ang Market to the ship terminal should be across the road, opposite the market.
Ooppss...too small ㅋㅋㅋ
That is the island 장
도 ^^
I took the taxi at 8.41am and reached 통영유람선터미널 Tongyeong Excursion Ship Terminal at 9.03am. The starting fare was KRW2800 and total taxi fare cost KRW8600.


  1. Hey it true that the ferry only two timings on weekdays? so is it 10am and another is 2.30pm?
    Thanx a lot ^_^

    1. Hi Nazirah.There cld be some changes and cld depend on the season. Best to check out the latest timing. Maybe can get your hotel/guesthouse to help to call ^^