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20 Mar 2014 - A very kind bus driver ^^

My next stop was 동비랑벽화마을 Dongpirang Wall Painting Village. There is a big carpark in front of the ship terminal. The bus stop for buses towards Dongpirang Village and Tongyeong Bus Terminal is located in front of Tongyeong Excursion Ship Terminal. You do not have to cross the road.
This was the bus stop where I took bus no. 101 to get to Dongpirang Village. The bus stop for Dongpirang Village is "중앙시장 Jung-Ang Sijang" but I was not very sure whether bus no 101 goes to "중앙시장 Jung-Ang Sijang". I further confirmed with the bus driver when I got on bus no. 101 at 2.06pm. He nodded his head. Let's call this bus driver as Bus Driver A. Announcement of the bus stops was in Korean. Tried using my cashbee card but it cannot be used here. T-money is fine ^^ 
Along the way, I saw some high rise residentials in Tongyeong.
Did not expect to see high rise buildings here ㅋㅋㅋ
어??? Tongyeong Bus Terminal???
I felt something was wrong when I saw the bus terminal.
It was 2.37pm when I reached here.

Bus Driver A announced that this was the last stop and everyone to alight. I approached him and he suddenly remember that I wanted to alight at "중앙시장 Jung-Ang Sijang". He looked so apologetic and said "Missed". It was not his fault. I don't think he missed the stop. It was I who missed the stop. He told me to sit down and he drove to a nearby alley to park his bus. Although it was a "chicken & duck conversation", but I think he wanted to send me to "중앙시장 Jung-Ang Sijang". I really feel bad but so touched by his kindness. In the first place, it was not his fault.
Bus Driver A was a SUPER NICE person. He asked me where I came from etc. I can feel he was caught in some difficulties but he wanted to make sure that I reached my destination. I think Bus Driver A was going to change shift or bus route. He saw one of his fellow colleague(Bus Driver B) geting ready to start work and called out to him. As shown in this picture, Bus Driver A(on the right) was explaining to Bus Driver B(on the left) that I am from Singapore and wanted to go to Dongpirang Village. Bus Driver A told me that Bus Driver B will sent me to "중앙시장 Jung-Ang Sijang". So so grateful to him. Bus Driver B drove off at 2.45pm.
"중앙시장 Jung-Ang Sijang" - Bus stop for Dongpirang Village.
I reached this bus stop at 3.15pm.
Bus driver B was very nice too.
He alerted me to alight here and cross the road to get to Dongpirang Village.
The green arrow is the entrance of 
중앙시장 Jung-Ang Sijang.
From the entrance of 중앙시장 Jung-Ang Sijang, I walked towards my one o'clock direction to get to the village.
Walking through the market.

Not long later, I saw 강구안 Gangguan Habour across the road. It took me about 5 mins to reach here from the bus stop. I knew I was in the correct direction when I saw the turtleship ^^ At last, I saw the turtle ships! I had always wanted to see a turtle ship and my wish finally came true in Tongyeong ^^ Although they were not the real thing, I was already very happy. To get to Dongpirang Village, you need not cross the road. Instead, turn left from here and walk straight for about 5 mins. Well, I did not proceed to Dongpirang Village right away but went to 강구안 Gangguan Habour instead.
미안 해요.
This is not clear but just a general idea of the place ㅋㅋ
The red arrow shows 강구안 Gangguan Habour.
The blue arrow shows 남망산 조각공원 Nammangsan Sculpture Park.

나폴리모텔 Napoli/Napole Motel is somewhere facing the habour as shown by the green arrow.
Dongpirang Village is behind the motel as shown by t
he red circle
Actually, I wanted to stay in this motel but the website is only in Korean ㅠㅠ
The blue circle shows 
중앙시장 Jungang Market
The green circle shows the Undersea Tunnel, which I did not have enough time to visit it ㅠㅠ

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