Sunday, 6 April 2014

19 Mar 2014 - Taking bus from 방어진 외버스터미널 Bangeojin intercity bus terminal back to Nopo-dong Bus Terminal

I left the park at around 1.30pm. Walked out of the carpark and saw there is another carpark on my right below. I think that is 일산해수욕장 Ilsan Beach in the background. You can walk through this carpark to get to the beach. I was not sure where to take a bus but I walked towards the beach. 
Oh. I think there is a walking trail from Daewangam Park leading to the beach. 
After walking through the carpark, I saw this staircase on my right.
...and the beach on my left. was sooooo cold 진짜 추위 >_<
BTW, there were many restaurants opposite the beach.
I walked along the beach until I reached this big map.
Ilsan Beach and Daewangam Park are next to each other.
This is like "Killing two birds with one stone"  ㅋㅋㅋ
I hope to visit Ulsan again ^^

You will see this roundabout beside the map.
I did not see any bus stop as I walked along the beach.
There was also hardly any taxi around ㅠㅠ
I decided to walk towards the main road as shown by the arrow.
I walked straight and crossed the road.
Why did I cross the road?
I don't know. I simply walk wherever my legs would take me.
After crossing the road, I turned to my left and saw this bus stop.
Hmmm..5002 goes back to Ulsan KTX station but I was not sure whether this was the correct direction.
Aisshhhh...I don't like this kind of bus directory hahaahahahaha
cos I am not sure which direction is the bus heading to.
Well, I saw there are buses heading to the Intercity Bus Terminal(401) as well as Ulsan airport and Ulsan station.
This picture was taken from the bus stop.
As shown by the arrow, 일산해수욕장 Ilsan Beach is behind these buildings.

There were a number of motels across the road.
I wanted to try a different route back to Busan instead of going back to 태화 로타리Taehwa Rotary to take my bus. Hence, I took a taxi to the nearest bus terminal, which is 방어진 외버스터미널 Bangeojin Intercity Bus Terminal. I got on a black taxi at 1.55pm. The starting fare was KRW2800. I reached Bangeojin Intercity Bus Terminal at 2pm and paid KRW2800 for my taxi fare ㅋㅋㅋ I walked around the terminal but could not find any ticket counter. Where should I buy my bus ticket??  How do I know when is the next bus arriving for Busan??  This was the first time I encountered a bus terminal with no ticket counter!
This looks like the timetable for buses from this bus terminal to Haeundae.
Time taken is 1hr 30mins and bus fare is KRW6400.
I think there are some other stops along the journey but its a direct bus to Haeundae.
Kindly correct me if I am wrong :)
Is this the timetable for my bus to 노포 Nopo?
The next bus departing for Nopo is 2.30pm and seems like it will proceed to 
통영 Tongyeong as well.
통영!!!  통영을 가고 싶어!
This looks like the timetable from this bus terminal to 대구 Daegu.
I wonder how long will the bus journey be.
I think this timetable is the same as the one above, from Bangeojin intercity bus terminal to Nopo & Tongyeong.
I still have about 20 mins before my bus arrives. Saw a port nearby and walked towards it. Nothing much. There is a washroom here if you want to use. There is also a washroom at the bus terminal. 
At 2.20pm, this bus to Nopo drove out from the parking lot and parked itself at the exit/entrance. How do I know this was the bus to Nopo??  I think there was an indication on the bus, otherwise how would I know ㅋㅋㅋ  I further confirmed with the bus driver before boarding the bus. What about payment for the bus fare??  His body gesture told me that payment is later.  The bus drove off at 2.30pm sharp.  At 2.52pm, a lady got on the bus to collect our bus fare, which was KRW6400. I paid in cash. She was not wearing any uniform.  I reached Nopo Bus Terminal at 4.06pm.


  1. Hi it's me again! Was a little confused about your 'killing two birds with one stone' comment. So in the end you went to Ilsan Beach right? Number 1 on the map is Ganjeolgot cape or Daewangam? Am curious to see the distance between Daewangam and Ganjeolgot on the tourist map. Thanks!

    1. Hi Angelina. So sorry that I did not make myself clear. KTO(SG) said Ganjeolgot cape and Daewangam are far apart...
      Here's their reply but I am not sure how accurate it is since I have not try it out personally.

      "Ganjeolgot Cape is located very far away from Daewangam Park. A taxi ride will take about ~1.5 hours and the fare will be about ~40,000 won. To get there by bus, take bus 108, 133 or 401 in the opposite direction back to the Intercity Express Bus Terminal bus stop then walk to the Express Bus Terminal bus stop across the road from Lotte Department Store and take bus 715. Alight at the Ganjeolgot bus stop. The journey will take about ~1 hour 40 minutes. You will then have to walk about 10 minutes."