Wednesday, 23 April 2014

하나의 작은움직임이큰기적을

하나의 작은움직임이 큰 기적을
Couldn't control my tears as I read this article from koreaherald.comIt was a tragedy that can be prevented. I really hope such incident will not happen anywhere in the world ever again. 제발. It is too heartwrenching just by watching and reading the news. They must be feeling fearful and helpless as the ship started to sink. I cannot bring myself to think of that fearful moment of "waiting", and how they clung on desperately for their lives till the end. 
My heart is aching so badly as I wrote this..I pray that the survivors, families and friends of the victims be blessed with the strength and guidance to move on with their lives. I pray for those who have passed on, be guided to a better world and rest in peace. I pray for safety to all who are out there in the sea, risking their lives in search of survivors. Together, we pray for a miracle. 옴 마니 파드메 훔 옴 마니 반메 훔

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