Thursday, 3 April 2014

19 Mar 2014 - So glad that I came here ^^

우와 big!
Took a taxi from 신전시장 Sinjeong Sang-ga Market to 대왕암공원 Daewangam Park at 11.19am and passed by 태화 로타리 Taehwa Rotary. Saw this Ocean Liner(was it an ocean liner?) after I passed Taehwa Rotary. So close yet so far. Upon seeing this, I had my mind set to check out Hyundai Heavy Industries if I have a chance to visit Ulsan again.

The taxi uncle dropped me at the carpark. It was 11.49am when I reached here. The starting fare was KRW2800 and I paid KRW15900. Seems like they were building some houses here.  Hmm I think resorts would be nice.
Walking towards the park.
Kids will like this ^^
I took this path to get to the 대왕암 but I think there is a forest walking trail on my left(not shown in this picture).
So happy when I see what's ahead of me ^^

Believe it a not.
 I wanted to come here after I saw a picture of this bridge 대왕교 in this scenic environmentㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

It was sooooooooo freaking cold!!!
At this point of time, I realised "Ehh...I got to cross this bridge!"
I am fearful of heights but it did not occur to me until I reached here.
The thought of waves under my feet freaked me out.
I was scared but I think my senses were numbed by the coldness.
I made it!
Thanks to the coldness ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

I can sit here for a long time if the weather is not so cold...
It was time to go back  ㅠㅠ
Is it worth to travel all the way here??
For me, YES!!
I love being here ^^

I took the forest walking trail for my return trip. 

Saw these on my way out of the carpark...
At least I saw some.....
It is not the flowers that I really miss...
벚꽃보다 당신이 더 그리워요

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