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23 Mar 2014 - Getting to Lotte Premium Outlet

I woke up with no appetite but I knew I have to eat something. Jiwon provides bread, jam and milk for breakfast, so I decided to take my breakfast before going out. Sob...내가 우유를 좋아 I love milk but I couldn't drink milk becos my stomach was not feeling any better. My fever has subsided. Still feeling weak but slightly better than yesterday. Actually, I had no idea what's wrong with me. I didn't think I was sick ㅎㅎㅎ I only feel very weak and I have never felt this way before. Maybe it was food poisoning but then again, why FEVER? It never crossed my mind that I should see a doctor becos I brought some medicine from Sg for fever and diarrhea. I kept my itinerary simple for the day. First, a visit to Lotte Premium Outlet, followed by giving thanks at 조계사 Jogyesa Temple and meeting my dear friend, 란. Lotte Premium Outlet is nearer to Hongdae, while Paju Premium Outlet is further downDecided not to travel too far away as I didn't feel I have the energy to do so.
I walked to Hapjeong Station, exit 2 for bus to Lotte Premium Outlet.
The bus stop is located right outside Hapjeong Station, exit 2.
Hmmm....where should I queue??
Look at the ground for your bus number.
I got on bus no. 2200 for Lotte Premium Outlet at 10.43am. You can use Cash Bee card for your bus fare. I got off at Eche Shopping Mall bus stop, which was the wrong bus stop at 11.08am. Well, that's fine. It is still walking distance to Lotte Premium Outlet. I think it took me less than 10 mins to reach the Premium Outlet from Eche Shopping Mall bus stop. The building in this picture is Lotte Premium Outlet. You can see it from Eche Shopping Mall bus stop. It will be on your left, with your back facing the road. 
I didn't plan to shop but just to check out the place. 
At the roof top.
The Love Bridge.
Unlike the usual love locks places, many children wrote messages on the heartshaped tags ^^
I thought that was nice.

This kid has a cool hairstyle, 그렇지?
Wherever you are, many people including myself hope that you can be located real soon.
옴 마니 파드메 훔
Was that a photo zone or people can ride on it?? 
I walked around the building and left about an hour later.
This was the bus stop(
Lotte Premium Outlet bus stop)for my return trip back to Hongdae. 
I need not cross the road to take bus no.2200 for my return trip.
Lotte Premium Outlet bus stop.

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