Monday, 4 November 2013

7 Oct 2013 - Breakfast at Joey's cafe

Itinerary for the day was to have a haircut in Hongdae, lunch with the couple, visit to Bauhaus Dog café, Mecenatpolis Mall, Gamjaguk Alley and 불광천 Bulgwangcheon Haedamneundari (Bridge).

I started off my day with the intention to find a place for breakfast.  After walking a few times around Hongdae, I decided to settle on Joey's cafe. Saw quite a number of good online reviews about this cafe, so let's check it out!

I asked the waitress which is best.
Yes. I used the word, "Best" instead of sentences like "What do you recommend? or What is popular?".
Most of the time they gave me a blank look when I asked for recommendation.
One fine day, I asked a waiter "What is popular here?"
He looked kinda surprise and asked,"Best?"
Since then, I used the word "Best" and emphasizing the "T" sound.
(Is that Konglish?)
Anyway, it works so far ^^

The waitress recommended 데리야끼치킨 샌드위치 Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich (KRW10800). I was not very keen to have it becos its so NOT KOREAN....but I took her suggestion anyway. Well, it was nice but nothing to rave about. Teriyaki Chicken Standard lor.....As you can see, the burger was huge and loaded with sauce. Messy me made a mess of it ㅋㅋㅋ

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