Friday, 29 November 2013

12 Oct 2013 - At 북악스카이웨이 (팔각정)

Yes! I have reached ^^

There is a Korean pub here?

This is the Korean pub. 

I did not take a break at any of the cafe or restaurant here and I dun know why...!

사모바위 Samobawi caught my attention becos it looks like a human from far.

팔각정 Palgakjeong

For take out.
There is a restaurant on the upper level selling pizzas and pasta.

It was time to make my way back.
I took the same route for my return trip.
It seems boring here right??
I came all the way up just to see a pavilion!!
Actually, I think I did not explore the place well.

According to VisitSeoul, there are two scenic walking trails!  
I was not aware of that ㅠㅠ
I will come back again to try one of the walking trail if I have the chance.
Hope I can also come here to catch the night view one day ^^

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