Monday, 4 November 2013

7 Oct 2013 - Haircut at Hongdae

After breakfast was a haircut at Hongdae.
There are many hair salons in Hongdae and I decided to settle for this place, LeeSan Le Style.
Located on the second floor.
I did not specific any stylist so they gave me a normal stylist which was fine with me. 
Not that cheap here but I think its still cheaper than the Korean Salons in SG.

I was given a locker to keep my bag.
What a beautiful cat!
I asked for permission to take pictures of course.
One of the hairstylist told me a lot of Singaporeans patronise here.
Well, this is Hongdae so that's nothing surprising to me.
I prefer the hairstylist in my previous trip becos I liked the way he cut my hair.
He gave me a different style.

Whereas for this hairstylist, 剪了好像没剪...meaning "Cut like no Cut".

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