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11 Oct 2013 - Lunching at 더밥

From Ihwa-dong, we walked over to Hyehwa Station, exit 3 for lunch at 더밥. I was searching for recommended 콩비지정식 Kongbiji meal in Hyehwa neighbourhood and 더밥 Deobap looks like a popular place in the area. The red dotted line indicates the route that we took from exit 3. 더밥 is indicated by the blue color circle. The green color circle indicates a pharmacy.

Following the map above, turn left at the pharmacy.  Walk into the alley as shown by the red arrow. Oh! Just before I cross the road, I saw Hakrin Dabang ^^  I still remember the ginger latte and cheesecake there!

Walk straight into the alley as directed.

Turn right..

아! I saw the signboard as soon as I turned right ^^
It was quite easy to locate 더밥.
Took us less than 5 mins from exit 3 to reach here.

Walk into this narrow lane...

Heeee.....found it ^^


They gave us English menu ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
These are individual set meals.
Oh! I saw my  콩비지정식 Kongbiji ^^

But I was also very tempted to order White Sundubu Jjigae!!! 

These are set meals for two persons.

For individual set meal, 콩비지정식 Kongbiji has a rating of 5 stars which means its highly recommended!

Our 반찬 ^^

Ermm...this is my 콩비지정식 Kongbiji KRW8000.
I am not used to it cos i
t felt like eating soy pulp...!! 
Hahahaaaa but it is a very healthy dish.
It does not have much taste but you can add the soya sauce provided.
I will give myself another chance to eat this again ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Jo's Spam Kimchi Stew 스팸 김치뚝배기정식 KRW8000.
This is nice.

WW's Dduk Bulgogi KRW8000.
Is this 버섯뚝불
Anyway, the couple liked this as well.
I can't taste it since I couldn't eat beef.

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