Thursday, 7 November 2013

7 Oct 2013 - Homeplus @ Mecenatpolis Mall

소주를 싫어
No matter how cheap it is, I will not buy becos they taste yucky to me...

Serving for two people.
I think this will be good for tourists who can cook in their accommodations. 

Servings for 3 people.

된장 찌개 Doenjang jjigae is another favourite of mine besides Sundubu Jjigae ^^ 

아! My no.1 favourite jjigae, 순두부찌개 Sundubu jjigae.

Ooohhh..I love Alfalfa ^^

So big!

I avoid all these when I am on holidays trips to avoid falling sick..

Saw a section for camping equipments.
The Koreans are so into camping.
When I was a girl guide, I always "siam"(aka shun) camping cos I don't like camping at all!
I prefer my comfy bed and toilet at home ㅋㅋㅋ

Oh ya! A task assigned by my sister to get some of these.

Hmmm....but they do not have the Perilla's seeds ㅠㅠ

Nothing much in Mecenatpolis Mall and I think Homeplus should be my favourite place in the entire building. I'm not sure whether is it ok to take pictures here but all the above pictures were quick snapshots.

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