Monday, 4 November 2013

7 Oct 2013 - 짬뽕 and 짜장면 for lunch

After my haircut, I met up with the couple at Hongik Univ Station, exit 3 for lunch. The red dotted line is the route we took from exit 3. Thought of bringing them to 구가원 Gugawon for 짜장면Jjajangmyeong since this place has good reviews. I think 짜장면 Jjajangmyeong is a must try dish for first time visitors to Korea.

I saw it!
Unfortunately for us, it was closed.
I wonder if its still in operation becos it was pitch dark inside the restaurant. Well, too bad for us.I still want them to try 짜장면Jjajangmyeong, so we walked over to another nearby restaurant for our Jjajangmyeong.

This was the restaurant we went to..

No worries. They have English menu as well ^^

Like a Chinese restaurant, they served 小菜.
These small 
appetizer dishes were really yummy and perfect for porridge!! 

It seems like most people will order this dish 탕수육 sweet and sour pork with their Jjajangmyeong. Hence, I ordered it as well but I always doubt its nice becos of its white color appearance. The sweet and sour pork that we always eat in SG has more sauce which I find it a lot more tasty. For this plate of 탕수육, I felt there was more fats/flour than meat. I think this is small size(KRW15000).

Jo's 짬뽕.
A bowl of spicy seafood noodles soup. 
Was it KRW7000?
He fell in love with 짬뽕 after this meal although he felt there could be some MSG in it.
However, he can't seem to remember the pronunciation for 

WW and I ordered the normal 짜장면(KRW5000).
WW liked her Jjajangmyeon but I don't really like it becos its sweet.
I don't like the sweet Jjajangmyeong if you know what I mean...

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