Sunday, 3 November 2013

6 Oct 2013 - Exploring 안동하회마을 Andong Hahoe Village

Time to check out the village ^^

This is a real village where people live and work here. 

Secretly hopping that one of these will drop ㅋㅋㅋ

Saw a name on the entance.

柳惇佑 Liu Dun You.
My apologies for being ignorant.
I don't mean to be rude but is this the owner's name?

Modern masks ㅋㅋㅋ

You can make your own mask here.
No wonder I saw a few kids wearing those pretty masks.

All handmade!

How long does it takes to make this?

So clean!

Wow...I saw something very traditional and interesting.
I wish somebody can explain to me what is he doing.

Warming up the place?? But it was not cold at all.
Anyway, just a wild wild guess from ignorant me.... 

And what is this place for....?

I love the peaceful and quiet environment here.
A breather from our working life..

I am going to try this if I have the chance to visit the village again!

Simply refreshing for the mind, soul and even my eyes!!

I always love these big containers cos they are so KOREAN.

I wanna play too.........

It started to drizzle but nobody seemed to be bothered.

A souvenir store.

What are these for?

Tempted to buy one back cos they don't look scary to me anymore ^^

좋다 ^^

It started to rain more heavily but it did not affect my mood at all ^^ I saw this little boy from far. He refused to budge and his grandma was at a loss. I think he was tired of walking ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 
I walked up to him and said "일어나. 같이가자!" Actually, I was worried that I did not say it correctly but he stretched out his hand to me! *So happy*
I walked him over to his grandma and waved good bye to him...아....That innocent look in his eyes melts my heart...He is so so cute!! I wanted so badly to give him a big hug and a big MUACCKkkkkk, but was afraid that I would frightened him off ㅎㅎ 

Remember I mentioned about the bus stop for bus no. 46 in the village to the festive site? This is the one and that's bus no. 46. I am not sure if it stops at the entrance again. It was already 2.30pm. Bearing in mind it takes about 3 hours of bus journey back to Seoul and I do not have a good sense of directions at night, I decided not to go to 안동 구시장 Andong gu market or 월영교 Woryeonggyo Bridge, and spent more time exploring the village.

Timetable for bus no. 46.  Estimated time taken from :
  • Hahoe Folk Village to Andong Train Station is about 50 mins
  • Hahoe Folk Village to Andong Bus Terminal is about 30 mins
  • Hahoe Folk Village to 병산서원 Byeongsansewon Confucian Academy is about 10 mins
Timetable from Hahoe Village, 봉정사 Bongjeongsa and 도산서원 Dosanseowon to the festive site during the mask dance festival.

I am not sure what are they doing. They were hitting the cloth flat with the wooden rod. Something like ironing??  Hahahaaa..Once again, the ignorant me...You are most welcome to try if you want to. 

Another question from ignorant me...
Is this what we called 狗洞 ie a dog hole or for water discharge purposes??
Sorry...its another wild guess...

What are the walls made of?

The sky started to clear up a bit.

I saw quite a number of Koreans, both young and old catching some insects from here. Looks like grasshoppers to me but I am not sure. Felt like asking them the reason for catching the insect but I don't know how to ask hahahaaa...

Time to go back to the bus terminal. Got on the free shuttle bus at the village entrance for a short ride back to the ticket office. This bus stop for the return trip is opposite the bus stop where I got off this morning.

I reached here at about 3.10pm and the next bus to the bus terminal will only arrive at 3.50pm. Hence, I decided to check out the Mask Museum which is just across the road.   


  1. Love your this entry!(or rather, your this trip to Andong) you covered most of the places on my wishlist though. *HAHA*.. and anyway, yeah! those ahjumma hitting the cloth on top of the iron block is a form of 'ironning & straighten' their clothings.. :D
    You're not wrong about the water discharge for the hole on the wall too lah! ^^

    1. Ahahaaaa...thanks for clarifying my doubts! I think our wishlist is never ending cos there are sooooo many beautiful places in korea!! A visit to Andong is like fulfilling a long outstanding wish!