Sunday, 10 November 2013

8 Oct 2013 - Random place for lunch

The place that I wanted to go was not opened yet  *Disappointed*
We walked around Sangsu and finally settle on this place, 셰프의 국수전
 It was already 2.30pm by then...
Nobody nobody but us.
Jo's 짬뽕밥 Jjamppong Bap (Spicy Seafood soup rice). Jjamppong has made it to his list of top favourite Korean food. He is not a rice person and definitely not rice with soup. Surprisingly, he likes this a lot.  I think they grilled the squid which makes the soup more fragrant. Jo said there might be MSG added but its still very yummilicious. Can't believe I forgot to take pictures of the menu/price....I think this dish cost about KRW6500.
WW and I ordered the same dish, 제육 볶음밥 or 제육덮밥 Spicy Stir Fried Pork with Rice. 
I think it cost about KRW5000?

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