Sunday, 3 November 2013

6 Oct 2013 - 뼈다귀해장국 for dinner

I got back to Andong Bus Terminal at about 4.15pm. The first thing to do was to buy my bus ticket back to Seoul. I thought that I could catch the next bus that departs at 4.40pm back to Seoul but unfortunately no. From this timetable, there are also buses from Andong to another place in Seoul. The one in red circle "서울 강남(센트럴)" translate to Seoul Gangnam (Central). So where is that? Is that the Express Bus terminal?? Ah...I am not sure.

Andong bus timetable for anyone who needs it...

Bus fare.

To my surprise, my bus departs at 5pm instead of 4.40pm  ㅠㅠ
(From my past experiences, they will assign the next available bus slot to you)
Nevermind. I can have an early dinner in Andong Bus Terminal ^^

I went to this place at the bus terminal for my dinner.

English translation ^^

Order at the cashier.
Collect your food at this counter.

Return your tray back to the same counter when you are done with your food.
Payment is upon ordering of your food.

It was hard to make a decision. 
All the dishes look good to me!
I ordered 뼈다귀해장국 Pig Bone Soup with outer leaves of cabbage KRW6000.
Pig Bone?

You will be given a number for your order. Look out for your number on the screen at the collecting counter. My suggestion is not to order dishes such as soup if you are rushing for your bus. I waited about 10mins for my 뼈다귀해장국 while others who arrived later than me got their food(fried rice) before me. 10 mins of waiting is not long. However, every minutes count when you are in a rush and needs time to finish your piping hot soup. 

Actually, there was not much meat but plenty of veggies.
I'm totally fine with that cos I love veggies.
It was a good dinner ^^

I was surprised when I got on the bus. 왜? Becos my seat was on the last row. This means that the bus was full! No wonder I was given the bus slot for 5pm. I should be thankful. The bus bound for Dong Seoul Bus Terminal departed at 5pm sharp. It stopped only once at a petrol station at 6.35pm for a 5 mins toilet break. I reached Dong Seoul Bus Terminal at 8.15pm.

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