Saturday, 30 November 2013

12 Oct 2013 - At Billy Angel Cake Co.

Found it ^^
Yes. Billy Angel Cake Co.

Omgg...I wanted to try the Sweet Potato Latte but the Black Bean Latte sounds good as well!

I love cakes....and I wish I could try a slice of each for all the flavours ㅠㅠ

White is my favourite color  ^^
I like the clean and neat layout of this cafe.

I finally settle on Red Velvet and Cherry Berry Frappe.
Red Velvet was a disappointment cos it was rather dry ㅠㅠ
Will I come back again?
 Maybe yes, maybe no cos there are too many cafes in Hongdae to check out. 

 Cherry Berry Frappe cost KRW4900.
Red Velvet cost KRW5800.

The red dotted line indicates the route that I took from Hongik Univ Station, exit 9.  It took me about 5-10 mins to reach the cafe, Billy Angel Cake Co. I can't remember exact location of the cafe but it is somewhere along the blue dotted line.

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