Wednesday, 6 November 2013

7 Oct 2013 - 메세나폴리스 Mecenatpolis Mall

Our next destination was 메세나폴리스 Mecenatpolis Mall since it was nearby.
We took Hapjeong Station, exit 10 to get to the mall.

I felt the layout of Mecenatpolis Mall is somehow similiar to a building in SG.

아!  London Tea!
 A place where I wanted to check out during this trip.
Nope not now.

Delighted to see this place becos recently, I'm always craving for greek yogurt for no reason..

We dun understand what this menu is all about..
We ordered the smallest size and different toppings.  

You can have it plain if you want.
The service crew showed us the menu for different toppings.

귀엽다 ^^

Cute Cute!

Can't remember the exact toppings for our yogurt.
You can bring back the containers if you want.
Not bad quite nice.  WW and I like it ^^

Nothing much in this mall and we wonder how the shops can survive...

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