Saturday, 9 November 2013

7 Oct 2013 - Finding our way to Eungam-dong's Gamjatang Alley

좋아! Some workout before a good dinner ㅎㅎㅎ
We took the subway to Saejeol Station,exit 2 for Eungam-dong's Gamjatang Alley.

Directions given by Visit Seoul is to take exit 2 and walk straight.
However, I couldn't see any bridge ahead.
Perhaps my vision at night is not good.
I turned around and I saw a bridge near exit 1 instead.

Directions given was to "Take subway line 6 to Saejeol Station, exit 2. Walk straight for about 280 meters and you'll see Wasangyo (Bridge). Cross over the bridge and make an immediate right into the alley. Turn into the first alley on your left and go straight. You should see the sign to the food alley."

It looks very easy to get to Gamjatang Alley but we took a longer route and not the one shown in the map..

We walked towards exit 1 and walk straight from there.

We turned right at this bridge.

Walk straight.

We crossed the road and past by this place.
Walk straight all the way...

Told you we took a longer route right? We walked about 10-15 mins and saw this shop. This is also where I bought the Perilla's seed ^^ It cost KRW2000 per pack. I am not sure what is Gamjatang Alley in Korean but I wanted to ask the shopkeeper for directions as we were getting nowhere. Anyway, I tried my luck in broken Korean by asking,"아저씨 죄송합니다. 감자탕 거리 어디서??".  Phew....He understood me but not sure where is the place. He directed me to take the alley on our right as shown by the arrow. Strange. I thought it should be an alley commonly known in the neighbourhood. Maybe it is too common for them and they dun think of it as a Gamjatang alley??

The alley directed by the shopkeeper led us to a market!
I considered this as a blessing in disguise becos I got to see more things ^^

In this trip, I grew to like 떡 ㅋㅋ

Along the way, I asked an 아줌마 for directions to 감자탕 거리. She showed me the directions and said it will take 2 mins to reach there. No sight of 감자탕 거리 after walking for more than 2 mins. I decided to ask for directions. This time, we were lucky to encounter a Chinese vegetable seller. He also tell us to walk 2 mins. Huh? 2 mins again?

I knew we were on the right track when I saw the blue signage.

감자국 거리 Gamjaguk Street is the same as 감자탕 거리 Gamjatang Street.

This eatery, 대림감자국 was on our left and on our right was 시골감자국(Not shown in this picture). Both sides were calling out to us. I decided to go for 대림감자국. 

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  1. Their soup is damn nice! and yup i also follow the map directions but couldn't find. Still forgot how I manage to find it by myself in the end at night ahhaha