Friday, 15 November 2013

9 Oct 2013 - 돈까스 백반정식 ^^

I always give myself a pat on my shoulder whenever I locate the place that I wanted to go ^^
It was not difficult to locate this eatery. 

It was 6.27pm when I reached here.
The place was already fully packed and I was given a queue number

Have a seat while waiting to be seated.
Dun be mistaken.
I took this picture after I was done with my dinner.
The seats at the waiting area were fully taken up when I arrived.
Don't stay away too far from the entrance if you do not understand Korean.
The waiter called out your number in Korean when your number is due.

Fully packed!
Though the place was fully packed, I waited for about 10 mins to get a table.

I love 백반 Baekban and all the 반찬 Banchan.
However, I always face a problem when there are too many dishes...
I could not squeeze in each and every dish into my picture!!

The main dish as well as the reason why the place was so fully packed. I think this place is quite popular among the Koreans. Personally, I feel that its pretty good when you eat it as soon as it was served. Hot and crispy. The portion of Tonkatsu served is according to the number of people eating. This serving is for one person but its still quite a lot for me. I couldn't make out the taste of the sauce but my first impression of this Tonkatsu was, "Mapo Toufu 麻婆豆腐 with Pork Chop???  I thought it is a bit weird to add tou fu onto fried pork cutlet. Although this is not the best Tonkatsu I have ever tried before, I did enjoy my dinner here and will introduce it to my friends .

One standard price, KRW10000 and one standard dish ie 돈까스 백반 Tonkatsu Baekban.
Foreigners need not worry about placing your order.
Just take a seat and you will be served shortly.

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