Wednesday, 13 November 2013

8 Oct 2013 - My 4th nite at Boa Guesthouse

Remember I mentioned something that I dislike about Boa Guesthouse? 
Well, the incident took place on the fourth night during my stay. 

I dozed off while watching some TV programmes and was woken up by somebody knocking on my door. I thought I was dreaming but no. I looked at the time. It was already 12.40am.  Who could it be??? It was non stop knocking and I asked, "Who is it?" but I couldn't make out what the other party was talking. There was no peep hole for me to see the other party. The knocking went on for a few minutes.  Should I or should I not open the door??  I dare not open the door becos it reminded me of a bad experience in New Jerseys years ago. Some drunkards were knocking and kicking on my hotel room door back then. It was a four star hotel...
I thought this could be the same situation or perhaps this chap got the wrong room.

The knocking stopped subsequently and I fell asleep again. About 10 minutes later, the knocking came back again!!! WTH!! What's wrong with this person?? This time, I heard more people talking outside but I could not make out what they were talking about. I could only identify that it was a guy knocking on my door. Was I scared? You bet. The knocking was not those slow gentle knocks. The knocking sounded kinda urgent. Was the volume of my TV too loud??  No.  On a scale of 0 to 20, with 0 being mute, mine was only 3.
Or was the building on FIRE????  No joke. This thought really cross my mind at that point of time. I looked out the window. No. No sight of people running for their lives. The commotion outside died down but the knocking continued. The continuous knocking was super damn annoying but there was no phone for me to inform the reception.  What would you do if you were me?  I did not open the door but lay on the bed with my eyes fixed on the door. So worried that it will just suddenly swing open! The annoying knocking went on for 5 minutes and stopped. That fellow did not come back again but I could not sleep well the whole night.

I told Boa about the incident when I saw her at the reception the next morning. She said,"It was our staff, Steve. He thought you have friends inside your room becos we do not allow outsiders into the room".  My first reaction was,"No. I don't have any friends in Boa Guest house."  I apologised to her for not opening the door becos I did not know it was their staff. HOWEVERrrrr...when I think back about the incident, I was angry and felt silly with my reply.  I am like that...I am slow to catch what the person said. My thoughts start to flow only thereafter. 

Just like what Jo said. What makes him think that I brought friends back to my room???? It was too reckless of that staff. It was almost 1am. His knocking had disturbed other guests(No wonder I heard so much commotion). There are CCTVs installed at every corner of the building. Shouldn't he check the CCTV first before knocking on my door like a crazy man???  If I have opened the door, it will be super embarrassing for him.  I did not see him throughout my entire stay but if I were him, I will feel damn embarrassed for such a stupid reckless act.

Although Boa has apologised to me, but I still do not agreed to what that fellow, Steve has done. I have no problem with the rest of the staff. They were all very friendly and helpful, especially Boa who will do her best to help. 

Will I consider Boa Guest House again?  Yes of course. I do not think such incident is common. If its common, it means they have a problem. 

*Poor 재...I realised I repeated my story at least thrice when I was complaining to him! 미안...



  1. That's disappointing to read.
    I would've asked for some kind of compensation as that's really unnerving!

  2. Hi. Indeed its upsetting to experience this. It spoilt my day. I was angry becos its also an insult to my integrity. I dun know why I didn't ask for compensation but seriously, there's nothing else except this incident that left a flaw in my impression of the guest house. The guest house scored very good online ratings in location, service, comfort etc which I also agree. I think its rare for such incident to happen. Hopefully this is just a one-off incident.