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12 Oct 2013 - 새마을식당 에서 저녁 식사

I met up with the couple at Hongik University Station, exit 8 for dinner at 새마을식당 New Village Restaurant. It was my second visit to the restaurant. The first visit was Dinner with Emily in April this year. I brought the couple to 새마을식당 becos the food cheap and delicious.

The place was packed with people when we reached at 8.30pm.

They gave us a Chinese menu ㅋㅋㅋ

We agreed that their signature dish, 열탄불고기 (on your left in the picture) was awesome! That piece of meat on the grill is 목살 Moksal..I think so...Anyway, that was good as well. We felt that 항정살 Hangjeongsal was not as nice as 열탄불고기 and 목살 Moksal but it was more expensive

Dun know why but Jo enjoyed grilling the meat very very much...
That is good for WW and I cos we just have to sit back and wait for our food ^^

Jo is a meat lover and we ordered a few rounds of meat..
The waiters were very nice.
They seem to understand the needs of tourists very well.
They will also change the grill plate every time we ordered another round of meat.

The couple love this 된장 찌개 Doenjang Jjigae so much that WW suffered from withdrawal symptoms of Doenjang Jjiage after she came back from Seoul. I think she is still searching for nice Doenjang Jjiage in SG ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Careful this pot of 돼지김치 is hot!
They call it 7 mins Pork Kimchi.
So it takes 7 mins to cook this dish?
The waiter is cutting up the pork for us.

I love this but the couple preferred the 된장 찌개 Doenjang Jjigae to this.

WW and I mixed our 공기밥 rice together with the 7 분돼지김치 7 mins Pork Kimchi, 된장 찌개 Doejang Jjigae and seaweed together. yummilicious!! I love their free flow of seaweed! Jo is never a person who likes rice but he ended up taking WW's rice, and even suggested to order another bowl of 공기밥 rice. Before he tried this, he told us confidently, "I don't want rice."

Hmmm....we thought we ordered 3 servings of  목살 Moksal.
I was not sure what is 소금구이.
Anyway, the price is the same, be it 목살 Moksal or "소금구이".
Total bill was KRW54000, which we find it really cheap!

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