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10 April 2012 - Dinner near City Hall station, exit 11

Ahemm...Ahemm...I was late to meet Jae but not becos I was busy taking pictures at the post office. There were many people sending out items in many small boxes. I think they are gmarket sellers becos the packagings looked familiar.  Hahahaa..Yeah, I like to shop at Gmarket Korea as well ^^

Jae suggested having 콩국수 Kongguksu at a popular eating place near 시청역 City Hall station, exit 9 but the weather was a bit chilly, so we decided to eat something hot instead.  We walked to a nearby eating place which is famous for its 칼국수 Kalguksu  ^^  To get here, take subway to 시청역 City Hall station and get out at exit 11.  This picture shows what you will see when you get out from exit 11.  Walk straight for about 3 mins.  Keep a lookout to your right.

Turn into this alley when you saw this shop selling 감자탕 Gamjatang.  Walk straight in.
Saw the luminous signage in the middle?  

 That's the signage for the place we were heading to.

Turn right again as directed. 

This was where we had our 칼국수 Kalguksu for dinner.
Its about 5 mins walk from exit 11.

The tables were almost fully taken up when we reached at about 7.15pm.
We were lucky to have a seat ^^ 

Looks good, taste good!
I don't know why I had slight difficulties to eat 
칼국수 Kalguksu this time!!
Maybe my fingers were too stiff from the cold weather.  Hahahaa!!

The soup splattered easily onto my clothing and I had to eat it very slowly.
I noticed Jae used a small plate to put his noodles.
 Great idea to prevent the soup from splattering.

Why didn't I followed him???

I always wanted to try out these big 만두 mandu.  Finally, I got the chance ^^ The fillings were mainly pork. I was surprised when Jae told me Koreans do eat 만두 with black vinegar!  They also eat it with 고추가루 Gochugaru (red pepper powder).  The 만두 were quite filling and we couldn't finish them but they were quite nice  ^^

Appetising Kimchi  ^^
The noodles cost KRW6000 per bowl and the mandu was KRW7000.

I liked the setting of this eating place  ^^
Very homely and comfortable.

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