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10 April 2012 - Hwaseong Haenggung 화성행궁 (Suwon)

Back to where I stopped on  31 May 2012 about my trip to Suwon.  After visiting Mr Toilet House, the next stop on the city tour was Hwaseong Haenggung 화성행궁 (I think so!  hahaaa..cos I did not read the brochure.  Told you I tend to relax and forgot to take notes when I am with my Korean friends.)

Though I wasn't sure where we went to but I love the peaceful surrounding here.  Suwon is really different from Seoul.  The air is fresher and the pace is slower. That's why Jihye has been urging me to visit her hometown  ^^ 

I am never good in taking pictures of structures and buildings.....

Be careful your head.

Korean children are really fortunate.  I always see them on school excursions or do they called that an educational trip?

Some folk games I think  ^^

Playing see-saw was one of my favourite game when I was young.

Ready to shoot!

Oopss...none of the arrows went in..

They were preparing for the next performance.  Jihye became our timekeeper becos MK and I were too engrossed taking pictures.  Poor Jihye had to shout out to us several times so that we will be on time for the performance.. Hahahaa.. 고마워 my dear friend  ^^

I was more interested in the two big trees than watching the performance.  Hahahaa...
Hey, don't underestimate the two trees shown in this picture.

They are 350 years old!   

I like this tree a lot  ^^

The performance began.

The one in purple was actually a lady!

Saw a big Buddha statue just before I got on the tour bus.

A closer look

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