Friday, 22 June 2012

12 April 2012 - Checking out Hangang Park

After a good lunch at 은혜정 Eunhyejeong, I took the subway to Yeouinaru station for Hangang Park becos I wanted to see if the cherry blossom has bloomed. It was only at my last few hours in Seoul that I realised I went to the wrong place to check out cherry blossom ㅠㅠ   I got out from exit 3 and this was what I saw.  No sign of cherry blossom on both side of the road.. Omgg..It was freaking cold...brrrhhhh....

Signs of Spring ^^

I walked straight from the exit. 

Cross the road.

Yeouido Park.  I didn't went in to check out the place.

Saw this structure on the opposite side of the road.  Cross over. 

Wow!  Something that I always see online has appeared right in front of my eyes.

I love the greens!

A shot which I took more than 10 mins cos it was so windy!

I will try cycling by Hangang Park in my next trip  ^^

I wondered why there was no sign of cherry blossom when the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival is approaching in a few days time.  *Puzzled

It was about 4.45pm and the place was so quiet.

Saw this outside the park.  Is this a cherry blossom tree??
Its time to make my way to Gwanghwamun Station becos I am meeting my cousin, Carrie and her husband, Ivan for dinner ^^  Looking forward to meet up with them! They were newly weds and came to Korea for their honeymoon.  Jeju island was part of their honeymoon trip.  Good choice for newly weds  ^^

Initially, Carrie posted on FB, whether Seoul or Tokyo. 9 out of 10 replies from her friends was,"Seoul"!!!  Of course!!!  Definitely!!  No need to think!

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