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10 April 2012 - Touring around Jidong Market (Suwon)

We continued with our market tour after a good lunch.  Things sold in this market were cheap.  Jidong market is quite an interesting place to check out, especially with Jihye around cos she is good at things in the kitchen.

This thing caught my attention from far.
Jihye said this is used to cover 
고추장 Gochujang(hot pepper paste).  
Interesting.  It looked like a shower cap to me!  Hur Hur

Don't you think the cover for Gochujang and this looked much alike???  Nope. This was not from Korea. I bought this in Singapore from Daiso.  Ermm..I don't know why I bought them...Not very useful actually...They looked like mini shower caps to me as well. I tried to fit it onto baby Bella's head and she gave me a super doubtful look!  My sister-in-law believed me when I told her this is a shower cap for baby. Hahahaa....Any idea what are they for??  Nope. They are not covers for gochujang ^^

They are food covers!!  Available in small, medium and large.  Nah...I don't use shower caps.  Uploaded this picture here because I thought the cover for gochujang and this food cover resembled shower caps!  Never thought they are actually food covers!

Any idea what is this for??
Jihye told me they act as body scrub.  One can see how "dirty" they are when they scrub with this cloth and Koreans use them during shower regularly.  정말?????  I told Jihye to ask the stall vendor, whether both ladies and guys use them. The cute 아저씨 replied without second thoughts. Though I didn't understood what he said but his facial expression said it all.   His expression was like, "Of courseeeeeeee....!!!" 
Jihye said some cloth materials are coarse while some are more refined. She preferred to use the coarse material. That goes the same for me. I preferred body scrub with bigger particles cos I would feel cleaner that day!  Hahahaa!! 
This cloth scrub is CHEAP!! I bought 3 pieces for KRW2000. I think different materials cost different price but they are still very cheap. Its definitely a big cost savings as compared to the usual cream/gel body scrub that I always use.
Foreigners should get this as a souvenir or gift for your friends. Cheap and good!

Jihye told us these shoes are called 고무신 Gomusin (rubber shoes).  Black gomusin used to be more common because they could be made from recycled rubber. You can’t see them anymore.  Gomusin with different designs and colours for women and children were subsequently created.
You may want to check out this interesting link at Korean traditional objects

MK and I felt the urge to buy these pretty cups but we gave up the idea eventually...

So many froggies

and so many cute piggies!

There were so many different cute looking piggies here.
I couldn't help it but to ask Jihye, "Does Koreans like pigs a lot?".
She said, "No."

Street food but I was too full to eat anymore.

Another street food that is commonly seen in Korea.  It is made of tapioca.
MK bought one cup but didn't like it at all.
She said it was too hard.  Jihye likes it though.

Past by a florist on our way back to the train station.   Suwon was Jihye's "territory" so she knew how to walk from the market to the train station.  It took us about 20 mins to reach the train station. We could actually take a bus but since there's time, so I suggested to walk instead.  

Waooo...I love cakes!!

Although it was drizzling the whole afternoon, but we had a good time together.  Sad to bid good bye to Jihye and MK but happy at the same time, becos' I'm going to meet Jae for dinner in Seoul on the same day!

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