Thursday, 7 June 2012

10 April 2012 - 화홍문 Hwahongmun and 방화수류정 Banghwasuryujeong (Suwon)

Back to where I stopped on 4 June 2012 I think three of us were too busy chit chatting and did not really take note of the places we went to.....I was only looking out for Hwaseong Fortress and the Hwaseong Trolley. 

I think this was 화홍문 Hwahongmun.

I didn't capture the beauty of this stream but I liked it here a lot.  Its a peaceful place.

Any ideas what are those trees?
Personally, I felt these trees brought out the beauty of this stream..

The Chinese characters "華虹門" as shown in the picture sounds like Hwahongmun.
Yes, its 화홍문 Hwahongmun.

Next stop was 방화수류정 Banghwasuryujeong.

That's MK walking up the slope.

방화수류정 Banghwasuryujeong.

That's the Hwaseong Trolley!!  I saw it when we were walking up to the pavillion.
We wanted to take the 
 Hwaseong Trolley  so we decided not to follow the city tour to the last stop, ie the Suwon Museum. 

You have to remove your shoes before entering the pavillion.  

Is this the Yongyeon lake?  

I can't help but to take a last picture of this stream before I left.
Bye byeee beautiful stream...I wonder if this stream has a name for it?
Next stop was Hwaseong fortress  ^^

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