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12 April 2012 - Lunch at 은혜정 Eunhyejeong

I took the subway on line 9 to National Assembly Station for lunch at 은혜정 Eunhyejeong after checking out Gaemi Maeul. There are two types of train for line 9. One is the normal train and the other one is the express train.  A Korean lady approached me to ask if I needed any help. I must have looked very lost while I was trying to figure out what train to take at the subway station.  Oh gosh. I was so so grateful to her.  Her English was pretty good. She explained to me about the normal and express train, and told me to take the normal train to National Assembly Station. As shown in this picture, the arrow pointing to the green colour train, means that the normal train is approaching. The LED board would reflect a red colour train if the express train is approaching.

*This picture was taken when I was taking the subway at National Assembly station to Yeouinaru station.  

The online information indicated that I should get out from the station exit 2.  This was what I saw when I got out from exit 2.  Right ahead was National Assembly Building.  I crossed the road by using the zebra crossing on the right.  With your back facing the main road, turn to your left and walk straight for about 2 mins.   You can click MAP for directions to Eunhyejeong

I think I took a shortcut as shown by the arrow.  

I saw the main road after  taking the shortcut.  At this point, you will be able to see exit 1 of National Assembly Station but it is not shown in this picture.  I felt I should have got out from exit 1 instead of exit 2.  Walk straight from here. 

You will pass by this building..

I knew 은혜정 Eunhyejeong is somewhere near the post office 우체국 so I kept a look out for the post office.  Saw the signage on  your left?   It showed that the post office is on my right. 

And so I turned right and walked straight for about 2 mins.

You will see "Three Seven Stay Hotel" ahead and there will be a road on your right.
Turn into this road.

And you will see 은혜정 Eunhyejeong!!!
Yes Yes!!  I found it!!

* Remember this sign board

You will also see this building behind the above sign board for 은혜정 Eunhyejeong. I was very stupid becos I went into this building thinking that 은혜정 Eunhyejeong is located at the basement.  I went in the building to ask the security guard where is 은혜정 Eunhyejeong. He asked,"식사?". I nodded my head.  He told me 은혜정 Eunhyejeong is outside the building. I think he also told me 은혜정 Eunhyejeong is a place where the office workers like to go for their meal.  Hmm...I had a feeling that the security guard also likes to patronise 은혜정  ㅋㅋㅋ

Well, I came to learn about 은혜정 Eunhyejeong from Visit Seoul and got really interested in their 백반 Baek Ban, which means rice with side dishes. 

I walked out the building and walked back to this place.  Remember the sign board?   This place was actually below the sign board....Take the stairway down to the basement.  It will take about 6mins from exit 2 to reach here.

You will see this luminous sign board when you reach the basement.
은혜정, here I come!!

은혜정 will be on your left.

This is it  ^^
I felt a sense of accomplishment when I found the place!!

*Pat on my shoulder 

The place was empty becos it was past lunch time. One of the staff asked me what I would like to order.  I told her,"백반 Baek Ban".  I think she asked me what baek ban I wanted.  Good question.  That was exactly the same question that I asked myself when I was doing my research on this place.  I told her I wanted to check out the menu first.

The restaurant served other dishes but I came here for 백반 Baek Ban.  There were two types of baek ban in the menu.  One was 불고기백반 Bulgogi Baekban and the other one looked like some fish baek ban but I wasn't too sure about it.  불고기백반 Bulgogi Baekban is out becos I can't take beef, so I decided to try out the other baek ban.

I think I made a good decision to order this.  It looked most homely and yummy!!  Yes, I enjoyed this meal a lot.  I believed there are other places selling delicious baek ban but the most important thing is, I enjoyed my lunch at 은혜정  ^^   Its a yummy and cheap meal! 

Guess what??  The staff who attended to me just now presented me with this cup of 식혜 Shikhye after I completed my meal. She also asked if I wanted any refill for my side dishes.  YES!!  I told her I wanted refills for the potato and veggie.  Was it a normal practice to give a free cup of beverage after the meal?  Whatever it is, I am touched.  정말 고맙습니다  ^^

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