Thursday, 14 June 2012

11 April 2012 - Assam milk tea in Incheon Chinatown

Alighted at the bus stop right outside the entrance of Chinatown. 

Jae told me as compared to the Chinatowns he has visited in some other countries, the Chinatown in Korea is the least that feels like "China town"  becos the wordings were mainly in Korean.   Checking out Incheon Chinatown for the first time and going there with an objective mind, I totally agreed with Jae!  Most of the wordings were in Korean and most of the people were Koreans!!!  I loikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  
Symbols or products which one can associate with Chinese culture such as Chinese lanterns, pictures of dragons, auspicious red colour, Chinese food  can be found here but somehow I felt it still doesn't really bring out the feeling of a "China Town".  Well, there's nothing wrong with that and perfectly fine for me.

The auspicious dragon

This cafe caught my attraction.  Should I check it out?

Thought I would give it a miss but "Assam Milk Tea" changed my mind.  I wanted to try to see if its something familiar to the ones I tried before.  Hmm...its rather interesting to see the word,"Chinese Tea" on a sign board for a cafe.  I don't think "Chinese Tea" is usually featured on a cafe's signage though it could be on the menu.

Withered flowers and faded paints.  Was it intentionally to maintain this way?

My Assam milk tea tasted ok.  The lady told me they are from Taiwan.  In Singapore, the pearls is optional and there will be additional charges for pearls upon request.  I don't like pearls and will never request for them in my bubble tea since they give me indigestion.  It didn't occur to me that over here,  the pearls will be included and they made me so sooo full.  Basically, there's isn't a special theme for this cafe but perhaps a place for one to rest their feet and have a drink.

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