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13 April 2012 - Dinner at 원조대림마늘통닭

I reached Yongsan station at about 3.26pm.  I took the subway to Daerim Station, exit  4 for 마늘치킨 Maneul Chicken Alley. You will cross a bridge to reach here.  Walk straight. 

Walk past the phone booths.  Continue to walk straight.

Continue to walk straight and cross the road after you passed the metal railings.

You will see this after you cross the road. This is the chicken alley ^^  A total of 4 outlets here, namely Hotsun Chicken 핫썬치킨(first outlet), Two Two Chicken 둘둘치킨(second outlet)Wonjo Daelim Maneul Tongdak 원조대림마늘통닭(third outlet), and City Barbeque Chicken 씨티바베큐치킨(last outlet).  It took me less than 5 mins to reach here from Daerim station, exit 4.

Two Two Chicken 둘둘치킨

I wanted to eat at City Barbeque Chicken 씨티바베큐치킨 becos it was said to have the oldest history.  Unfortunately, it was closed  ㅠㅠ

Wonjo Daelim Maneul Tongdak  원조대림마늘통닭 was opened, so I decided to have my dinner here. 

Probably becos it was only about 4pm, I was the only customer. The ladies in the restaurant realised that I was not a local.  One of them suddenly spoke to me in Mandarin and asked where I was from.  She was also surprised to learn that I could speak Mandarin so well cos she was from China. We chatted quite a bit.  Frankly speaking, I feel that my Mandarin was average but once again, I felt proud of Singapore bilingual educational system ^^  

너무 맛있다!!   I ordered garlic fried chicken of course ^^  Can you see the minced garlic on the fried chicken?  The garlic fried chicken amazingly did not have the slightest smell of garlic despite such generous portion of garlic used!  Yeah, Korean garlic does not have any pungent smell  ^^   The sauce was mmmmmm niceeee  ^^

I always hesitate to eat fried chicken in Korea becos the serving is too much for me.  Since I planned to have fried chicken for dinner, I did not eat a lot for my breakfast and lunch.  Unless you are a big eater or a chicken lover, I find the serving for Korean fried chicken is just nice for two person.  I really planned to finish up everything until......

One of the lady came up to my table with this!!!  오모!! 계란 찜, GyeRan Jjim!!! One of my favourite Korean food!!!  She really took me by surprise!!  I have been thinking for the past few days whether I have the chance to eat 계란 찜 GyeRan Jjim again. Never did I expect my wish would come true!! They were having their home cooked dinner at another table in the restaurant. The restaurant did not have 계란 찜 GyeRan Jjim on their menu. I was so touched....words couldn't describe how thankful I was. The lady who brought  계란 찜 GyeRan Jjim to me couldn't speak English but she motioned me to enjoy the food. I finished up the steamed egg but there were still 4 pieces of fried chicken left.  The other lady asked if I wanted to take out the balance fried chicken which I couldn't finish.  I decided not to but felt I was being impolite not to take up her kind offer.  Ya...I felt bad till now...Although I couldn't finish the chicken, I really thank them from the bottom of my heart.  Total bill for my fried chicken and a mug of beer amounted to KRW20000.
* Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

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