Sunday, 24 June 2012

13 April 2012 - Market at Nonsan

There were buses to this market.  I think the bus stop was blocked by the buses.
I should have checked out what are the buses that come here.

The markets in Korea have almost similar layouts.

Stalls selling the same products were clustered together.  I find it rather amazing with stalls selling poultry or fish that they do not have any smell unlike the ones in Singapore.  How is that possible?  My impression of this market was neat, clean and big. Things were properly stacked up.

My sister would love this!

They looked so appetising! 

Ah!! The cloth scrub! I bought a few more pieces after I tried the one which I bought from 지동시장 Jidong Market. I could make this as a good souvenir for my friends ^^ Although the store lady could not speak English, but she was a very cute and humorous person. Of course, our conversation was another "Chicken and Duck situation". She asked me where I came from. I told her I'm from Singapore. She asked me how to pronounce "Singapore" correctly becos she always couldn't get the correct pronunciation. I asked her how to get to the Strawberry Festival ground by mentioning the words "Dalki (딸기) Balloons". She immediately understood what I wanted ^^

The store lady wrote this for me!! It was totally out of my expectation!! She was so kind. This note really came to good use! So cute of her to put a smiling face on her note, isn't it ^^ 정말 고맙습니다. 
* Anyone who needs this for direction to Nonsan Strawberry Festive ground can feel free to use this next year  ^^


The market was quite big.  Here's another section of the market.
I did not explore the entire market becos there's limited time!

족발 as in pig trotters?

My colleagues would love this hahahaa..

I walked out the market and saw this.  I showed the paper to the stall vendor and he directed me.  The note written by the store lady was really helpful!  There were a few more stalls and shops along the road.  After I exit from the market, I turned right and walked straight for about 3 mins before reaching a big junction.

Just continue to walk straight..

Shops on the opposite side were also selling the same products.

I hoped to buy some strawberries from the festival ground  ^^

I was tempted to buy a 만두 from here but decided to save my stomach for early dinner at Maneul Chicken Alley ^^

This was the last stall before reaching the festive ground.

Waiting to cross the road and looking out for my strawberry balloons!!
There were many people here and I simply followed the crowd!

Nonsan Strawberry Festival commenced from 13 April till 15 April this year.

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