Sunday, 17 June 2012

12 April 2012 - Touring around 개미마을 Ants Village

The first resident of 개미마을  Ants Village to welcome my visit!  Hahaha..
This cat really reminds me of the fairy tale, "Puss in boots"!!

I am surprised to see a common toilet here.  Was it built for residents or visitors??

Walking down the slope.  

Basically, the artwork were done on houses located along the two sides of this road.  

There were houses up the slopes from the side of the main slope.
You can check it out but do not wonder off too far and remember to be sensitive to the residents

I wondered off the main slope.  Nothing much here so I went back to the main slope.

*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I wondered off the main slope again.  Hmm...there's a slight stench lingering around the place as I walked closer to the individual household.  I think maybe its the sanitary  sewage system.  Pardon me but I mean no offence at all. 

Houses up the slopes did not have any artworks.

I didn't see anyone so far...

Guess what's this??
Suddenly, there was fierce barking of dogs and the barking was from this "cage".  I really stood frozen for a while becos I was worried that the dogs might just broke free and charged out from this "cage".  They were barking profusely and the whole cage was shaking.  Although the "cage" looked as though it could collapse anytime but I am still very thankful to the owner for keeping the dogs locked in this "cage".  That's why I said do not wonder too far off the main slope. 

"Bus Stop". I thought it was part of the artwork but its really an official bus stop for bus no. 7.

I saw the blue paintings on the wall from far and walked towards it  ^^

Walking up the slope towards the blue paintings.

Looking down...Waoo..steep...

The air here was very fresh and clean!  좋다!!
Thought there was nothing much except for houses and withered trees, but I really enjoy the tranquil environment here.  

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