Tuesday, 19 June 2012

12 April 2012 - Touring around 개미마을 Ants Village

I walked back down the slope to get to the main slope/road. 

Overlooking the village.

Its quite steep but good exercise.

See, its really a bus stop designated for bus no. 7!

The village has practically only one road.  I walked down the slope to take bus no. 7 becos there's another bus stop somewhere along the slope.

This boy was very cute.  He was waving non stop to me and said, "안녕! 안녕! 안녕! ".

*Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

Oh!!  The cats were having a gathering!

WAOO!!  That's a lamb!
Nope.  Its a fat cat and Kim said it looked like a lamb! 

Hahahaa...The cats here were pretty well fed but dirty.  

너무 귀엽다!!  It looked kinda scared of me  ㅠㅠ

One can see the contrast of this building and the houses we saw earlier on.
They were located along the same slope.

Saw a steep slope and I tried walking up the slope to get a feel of it.
Errm....this road leads to nowhere.

Its really steep but manageable.  

That's the bus stop for me to take us no. 7.  Its located outside a school.

The building on the right is the school.

While waiting for the bus.
I completed touring the village at 1.15pm.
Well, you will probably complete it earlier than me becos I spent quite some time taking pictures.

Resting place for all???

Waoo..they can actually plant some veggies here. 

Guess what? I board the bus and realised it was the same bus driver. He smiled at me. The people here were very friendly. There was an old lady on the same bus as me. I stood up getting ready to alight the bus when I saw the bus approaching Hongje subway station. The old lady told me the bus doesn't stop at the subway station but at the stop right after the subway station.  Remember this orange sign board?  Yes. The bus stop to alight is actually the same bus stop to board the bus. The return trip was slightly faster and the route was slightly different.  

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