Saturday, 9 June 2012

10 April 2012 - 지동시장 Jidong Market(Suwon)

The steps led us to the main road, where you can see these stalls along the road.

We crossed the road on our right and came to this place.

Next, we saw 지동시장 Jidong Market  ^^

MK and I found this amusing.  不醉无归.  不醉无归 means you can't go back unless you are drunk.
A common proverb used when making merry.

不醉无归 indeed.  건배!!!
A photo taking zone before entering the market.

Mouth watering!!

떡 Tteok Korean rice cake are made with glutinous rice flour by steaming. There are so many different looking rice cakes and I always wonder how they taste like. Yup, I told myself that I must try them during this trip.

Ginseng!  I love the taste of ginseng  ^^
I asked Jihye if she knew how to choose ginseng.
Unfortunately, she don't.  Otherwise, I would have bought some back!  Hahahaa

Seller seller, where are you?  

We were amazed by the size of this bag.  Its so big!

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