Tuesday, 26 June 2012

13 April 2012 - Nonsan Strawberry Festival

After checking the "mini zoo", I walked over to the food section.

I realised big pot like this is commonly used in such occasions.
 Me as a huge fan of jjigae, I find it hard to resist this!!
What soup could this be?

Plenty of veggies!   Healthy jjigae!
Hmm...what's the name of this jjigae??

Big ginseng tempura????
 I was soooo tempted to try but  there were so many pieces in one packet!  Sobs...

Another tempting food!!!

I was really really tempted to eat this but decided to check out other stalls first.

These boxes of strawberry juice were snapped up very fast. They provided samples for people to try.  Very nice strawberry juice indeed.

Some traditional Korean snacks?

Errmmm...I had no idea what happened to my camera...
The pictures taken at this stall could not justified the lovely 떡 tteok ㅠㅠ

I wanted to try Tteok for a long time  but I always cannot make up my mind which to buy becos there are always so many different looking Tteok.  Finally, I settled on this today becos it looked simple and sweet  ^^ 

Strawberry fondue  ^^

I felt they were calling out to me!!!

In the end, I chose to buy a simple strawberry sandwich out of so many other food! The bread was a bit tough but the strawberry jam complimented it perfectly!  Nice and no regrets  ^^

이게 뭡니까?

Its strawberry Gochujang again!

Guess what are they cooking?

Making strawberry jam?

DIY cake 

I bought this Tteok  ^^   The texture was ok but its tasteless!!  I'm not used to this "taste" at all!! Hahahaa...Jae was surprised when I told him Tteok is tasteless. He told me there's Tteok with taste!  Hahahaaa...

Were they doing some homework for their outing?

I wanted to try this for a long time. Well, I think Singapore has this as well but I didn't try it until now. The guy asked whether I wanted cheese or original flavour. "Cheese" came naturally to me since I love cheese ^^ Let me tell you, it was not a wise choice ㅠㅠ 

I didn't know cheese flavour came from the use of cheese powder which was sprinkled over the potato. I was wearing a black jacket, so can you imagine how "lovely" my jacket looked for every bite that I took?? 

I think they were drawing about the festival.  It began to drizzle at this point of time.  I was very fortunate becos I was making my way out of the festive ground.  Hope they will not be too affected by the rain.

The safest way to get back to the train station was to retrace my steps.  Hence, I walked back the market again.  By the way, would it be cheaper to buy strawberries from the market??

Yeah!!  I managed to get a small box of 딸기 for myself    ^^

What are these??  Soooooo green!!  The shapes looked like our 水饺!  

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