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13 April 2012 - Cheesecake at 학림다방 Hakrin Dabang

After a heart warming dinner at Wonjo Daelim Maneul Tongdak 원조대림마늘통닭, I took the subway to Hyehwa station, exit 3. This was what I saw when I got out from exit 3. Make a 180 degree turn to your left and you will find yourself walking against the flow of traffic.  Well, I came here with the aim to eat a well known cheese cake  ㅋㅋㅋ

Walk straight.

You will see a zebra crossing.  Get across.  The instruction which I obtained online was not very clear and I ended up walking rounds and rounds in the neighbourhood.  Well, I guessed its good in a way cos it helped me to digest my food before having my long awaited dessert  ㅎㅎㅎ
The next four pictures will not lead you to the cafe that I wanted to go.  

I walked straight after the zebra crossing and past by this alley on my left, where I saw a long queue.  I did not went up to check what was the popular food that caused the long queue.

Walking round and round Daehangno and saw this lovely shop  ^^

So cute!

Cute Cute Cute!!

학림다방 Hakrin Dabang!!
I finally found the cafe after walking for 30mins  -__- 
Felt stupid when I saw this signboard becos I had actually walked past this place twice...

Remember this picture???  Yeah!! The cafe could actually be seen from the zebra crossing...Omggg....Its actually only 2 mins walk from Hyehwa station, exit 3.

학림다방 Hakrin Dabang is located on the second floor. Take the stairs up from here.

Found myself a cosy seat.  A nice cosy place. 좋아 ^^

Cashier point.

Oh Yes!!  This was the reason why I came here  ^^
Besides beverages, the cafe served only one type of dessert ie cheesecake and they are popular for their cream cheesecake, which is light but nice. You can either choose blueberry sauce or orange sauce for your cheesecake. I chose blueberry sauce ^^  Omggg...I love the ginger latte!!  There's even some ginger bits at the bottom of the latte but its not spicy at all.  Not forgetting, there's also free wifi in this cafe.

* Picture captured by my iphone using Instagram

I will be back again in my next trip to Seoul! 

Back into my hotel room to eat my 딸기 ^^

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