Sunday, 3 June 2012

Happy day ^^

I am very happy today becos I met up with Jae this afternoon.  Although he is only here for 24 hours, I'm very happy to be able to see him again.  I always tell Jae although Singapore is a very small country but we have plenty of yummy food waiting for him to try out.  Due to time constraint, I decided to bring him for afternoon tea at Intercontinental Hotel. Why Intercontinental Hotel?  Well, that's because they served Peranakan afternoon tea. I wanted Jae to try something unique from Singapore within his few hours of stay.  Anyway, I told him Peranakan food can only be found in Singapore and Malaysia.  

They have two types of afternoon tea, namely Peranakan afternoon tea and English afternoon tea.  The waitress suggested that we could try out both since there were two of us.  We can have two choices of tea as well, so we decided to share a pot and go for a second choice of tea after we finished the first pot.  

Jae's choice of tea were "Singapore Sling Tea" and "Fountain of Youth".  Not bad. I like "Singapore Sling tea" though I probably need "Fountain of Youth" more! Hahaha..

Its our first time to see a 4 tier afternoon tea.

Starting from the top.  This was the first tier.

Second tier.
Third tier.  The clotted cream was so so.

Here comes our second 4 tier afternoon tea  ^^

First tier was Kueh Pie Tee.
 I was never a fan of Kueh Pie Tee but I don't mind if someone prepared it for me  Hahahaa...
This Kueh Pit Tee was so so for me as I had tried nicer ones elsewhere. 

Jae liked it though ^^

Third tier.
Ermm...I don't know the actual name for this...I only know how to eat it!! Hahaha

Last but not least, durian pengat! Something like durian paste. Both of us liked this!!

To conclude, I wouldn't say the food was fantastic but its a matter of being with the right companion, spending some quality time together  ^^   The service was good and that's a plus point for me!

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